linux install

I had a look at Linux many moons ago and I am sure there are distros of Red Hat, Mandrake etc. in the loft. :o
I know there is a SUSE, as I purchased it complete with manual etc. from Waterstones.

  1. I have a spare computer now and was wondering if I should set it up with one of theses distros, or should I download the latest all singing all dancing model ?
  2. Should I share with XP or clean the hard drive and use only Linux.

Please be gentle with this aged newbie.

take care
Don W

TBH I would/have got rid of windross all together in our house but that’s a personal choice.
If you have another computer running windows then you don’t really need it on the spare anyway.
As for which distro you should try, it would help if you could give us the spec (or make/model) of the machine you are going to use.
Welcome to the world of tomorrow BTW, you will not be disappointed.

Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

1. I have a spare computer now and was wondering if I should set it up with one of theses distros, or should I download the latest all singing all dancing model ?

It really depends what “many moons” means, but I’d be inclined to say go for a recent distribution so you’re sure of getting security and software updates for a reasonable amount off time.

Which distribution is best suited, will be down to things like what you generally use the PC for, and are there any hardware limitations, etc.

If you can tell us a bit about the hardware, and what you (normally) use the PC for, we’ll be able to advise a little better.

2. Should I share with XP or clean the hard drive and use only Linux.

Setting up dual-boot is now very easy with most modern Linux distributions … the installer will normally walk you through the process.

but at the end of the day, only you can answer that question … you need to ask yourself if you NEED to run any Windows software, or are there Linux alternatives for everything you use.

This may help … it’s a VERY incomplete list of Linux alternatives to common Windows software:

If you have any other questions or require any assistance, feel free to ask … after all, that’s what we’re here for :wink:

Thanks for the quick replies chaps.
I have downloaded UBUNTU 11.04 as shown in the getting started by loading a pen drive.
I have loaded alongside Windross and it runs very slowly. >:(
It asked if I wanted to upgrade to Ver. 11.1 and I foolishly said yes and wasted the afternoon waiting on it loading and cleaning out files etc,
My new problem is
1 Should I clear the Pendrive and download 11.1 ?
Delete the installation I have running and install 11.1 from the pen
2 Clear the hard drive and install only Linux (I am leaning toward this option)

When the system started it said I couldn’t run whatever it was that was installed and would need to use a lower version (or something)
My system is
MS Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3
AMD Sempron Processor 3000+ 1.8Ghz 512 Mb RAM
Don W

OK … bit of a tough one to explain this :slight_smile:

Depending on your graphics card, Ubuntu 11.04 may have loaded the Unity 3D desktop … which has a "launcher"bar down the left of the screen ? (but has the option to fall back to the Gnome 2.x desktop for systems that don’t support Unity).

11.10 on the other hand has dropped Gnome 2.x altogether, it ALSO defaults to Unity 3D (but will fall back to Unity 2D for cards that don’t support the Unity 3D desktop environment).

If it’s defaulting to Unity 3D, you may get better performance (but less eye candy) by dropping to the “fall back” desktop.

But in either case, my suggestion would be to either install some more RAM, or go for a Linux distribution with a “lighter” desktop environment than the full Gnome or Unity desktop … I’d suggest a distribution that uses either the LXDE or Xfce desktop environment, such as -

Lubuntu (basically Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop environment)
Xubuntu (basically Ubuntu with the Xfce desktop environment)
PeppermintOS (based on Ubuntu with the LXDE desktop environment)

ALL 3 of the above are quite a bit lighter than Ubuntu (which depending on the version either has ehe Gnome or Unity desktop), but have access to all the latest software available to Ubuntu … indeed they all use the Ubuntu software repositories.

My firm favorite at the moment is PeppermintOS (Two) … it runs very quickly on my Acer Aspire One netbook, and that only has 512MB RAM :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I was rather dumb not checking the graphic card on this machine.
I will remove UBUNTU and install PeppermintOS

Don W

If Ubuntu is defaulting to Unity 3D … you may get better performance by dropping to the “fall back” desktop.

But it still won’t be as quick as PeppermintOS.

If you want/need instructions on how to drop to the fall back desktop, you’ll have to tell us which version of Ubuntu you are currently using, and if there is a “launcher” bar down the left hand side of the desktop.

Is that the Mint distro ?

Where can I get PeppermintOS ?

No Linux Mint is another distro altogether … Similar to Ubuntu (and just as heavy)

The Unity Desktop looks like this:

Is that what your desktop looks like ?

and which version of Ubuntu are you running … 11.04 or 11.10 ?

PeppermintOS homepage is at this link:
or you can download the ISO image directly from this link:
PeppermintOS screenshots here if you want to see what it looks like:

Hi That is what the desktop looked like.
Same background and icons down the left hand side.
I downloaded 11.04 to the pendrive and when it had been installed I ran Ubuntu.
It asked if I wanted to upgrade to 11.1 and I said yes, this took approximately 1 1/2 hours and I was left with the slowest system ever.
I have wiped the installation and am ready to take on PeppermintOS.
I will use the same Universal USB Installer to put the iso on the pendrive and install alongside Windross .
My graphics card is NVIDIA Ge Force FX5200, don’t know how much memory is on it.

don w

If you’ve already removed Ubuntu … Yup, give PeppermintOS a go :slight_smile:

Some people have reported problems creating a LiveUSB of PeppermintOS (Two) using the latest Universal USB Installer … so if you have any problems, try this version (which I’ve tested with PeppermintOS) from my dropbox:

and in Universal USB Installer, make sure you select “PeppermintOS (Two)” as the distro.

A WORD OF WARNING … if/when the Update Manager in PeppermintOS starts, you will be offered an “Upgrade” to Ubuntu 11.10 … UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES click that button, it will attempt to upgrade your system to Ubuntu 11.10 NOT Peppermint, and will most likely result in a broken Peppermint installation … you CAN safely click the “Update” button UNDERNEATH the list of available updates, but NOT the “Upgrade” button above the list.

Thanks Mark,
I have printed out this discussion and will return tomorrow after I have a PeppermintOS up and running :slight_smile:

take care
Don W

You’re more than welcome … good luck with the install :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
I downloaded PeppermintOS to pendrive using that version of USB installer.
I now have this on the pendrive

What do I do next ?
don w

Boot to the USB stick … Once at the desktop, click the “Install Peppermint” icon that’s on the desktop, and follow the instructions.

Pretty much exactly what you did with Ubuntu 11.04. ??

This topic may help, but you don’t need to do the stuff that’s specific to the Acer Aspire One (AA1) like fiix the SDcard slot, or the Mic for Skype:

(so skip stages 10, 11, and the Addendum)

If you have any other questions … feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark (again)
I will check that topic now

take care
Don W

Thanks again Mark,
I did as instructed in your tutorial and havePeppermintOS running from the pendrive ;D
If I put the pendrive in before switching the computer on, when I switch the computer on it boots to PeppermintOS.
If I leave off the pendrive it boots to windross.
I think I will leave any further experiments until after the festive period, but I like what I see so far.
Thanks again, you have good karma.

take care
Don W

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Be aware that running from a USB stick is MUCH slower than running from the hard drive … so don’t draw any “speed” conclusions … also when running from the USB stick it will not have a swapfile (add that to your lack of RAM) so it may not be as stable when running multiple apps as it will be when installed on the hard drive.

PeppermintOS’s default applications may also leave a bit to be desired, but it is VERY easy to install anything you may require (all in the tutorial).

But the LiveUSB will at least give you a “feel” for Peppermint :slight_smile:

Again, many thanks Mark.
I have had a look at the tutorial and saved it to disc.
I will give it a rest over the holiday period and come back to you with my problems later.
Have a happy holiday and thanks again.

take care
Don W

Sure … sounds like a plan to me :wink:

I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year too.