Linux Installation

How do I obtain an installation disc??? I have a desktop computer using Windows 7!!!

Hi denangene, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

First you need to decide WHICH Linux distribution you’d like … then you download the ISO image from their website, and either burn it to a blank CD/DVD … or create a LiveUSB stick.

Your first decision is which Linux distribution would you like … there are MANY to choose from, some of which are ideal for beginners others which aren’t

Can you tell us a bit about your hardware, and what you expect from Linux … and we should be in a better position to advise on possible distributions :slight_smile:

You’ll find the main Linux distributions (but not all) listed here:

My suggestion for a beginner is either Ubuntu or Linux Mint (Cinnamon)

You may find this topic interesting:

If you have any further questions … feel free to ask :slight_smile: