Linux Kickstart issues

Hi Folks,

Hoping some here can help??

I can successfully build RHEL 7.4 in a VM using Kickstart, works perfectly every time!!

However, take the same iso to a usb drive and attempt to build a physical machine and when the installation phase starts the following unknown error occurs, all of the Googling so far tells me about Fedora bugs, anyone have any ideas??

Attribute error: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘getPartitonByPath’

I am using the RHEL automatic disk layout, a very basic cfg file.


As a principle guess I would say that the RHEL installer is written in Python and it’s trying to read the partition table on your disk(s) and getting back something it’s not expecting. More specifically I would guess you have a disk in an unusual state, possibly say a disk with no partition table, a blank partition table, or a partition table written by something that does not conform to PC standards … unless you’ve been playing with the installer which has resulted in it trying to interrogate a non-existent device? Solution; maybe strip all unnecessary disks (if any) and create a new / sane partition table on the install disk with another tool before starting the install. (and make sure the installer is referencing the drive you think it is …)