linux mint 17 help plz

hi there ive got windows 7 on pc . and then made a dual boot and installed linux mint 17… it installs ever thing until the end were it seem to take a long time saying at the bottom of the screen copying installation files it has been on that for over an hour …its loading still and has not freezed cause the little circle is still spinning. is this normal and how long does this take… plz help on this thanks :-[

Hi tomsta79, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Did it finish ?

ok m8… i never waited just restarted pc an it loaded no problem dont no if i should of waited …but the thing i really wanted to no is this ment to take a long time to finish… one other thing i wanted to no is there any way of installing utorrent and other pc programs which will work …thanks

Hi tomsta79

I don’t think there is a Linux version of utorrent but there are alternatives such as Transmission or Deluge both equally as good as utorrent in my opinion, There are various ways to find and install software in Linux, but if you are new perhaps the best way is via the the Software Centre which is a software repository where you can download and install software , I’m not sure exactly how to locate it in Mint but it will be there possibly listed under Menu>Preferences or System Tools,

Linux is not Windows and many of the Windows programs you’re used to will not run in Linux however there are many equally good alternatives available for Linux, if you want to tell us what software you are looking for we would be more than willing to offer suggestions to help you

Good luck


Doesn’t Mint have Transmission (torrent client) by default ?

As Emegra says … don’t expect Linux to run Windows applications … you wouldn’t expect OS X apps to work in Windows would you :wink:

In fact some windows apps can be made to work in Linux, but ALWAYS best to find a native alternative.

Yeah, you can search the menu for “torrent” and it’ll come up

thanks alot lads for the info and help… got the torrents downloading using transmission… what about converting and burning to dvd disc… some thing like convertxtodvd…tryed a few of linux tools like devede …k3b…xburn…dvd styler. with no joy thanks again

You should be able to convert almost any video format to DVD using Devede, can you explain in more detail what it is you’re trying to do and what problems you’re having ?


What was your problem with DeVeDe ?

I kinda remember using this before, and it worked reasonably well

Also IIRC, ConvertXtoDVD works in wine … preview doesn’t work, but the conversion does.

You might also want to look at
(both should be available in your package managers)
or even Winff

I’m pretty sure (when I used to transcode) I settled on Arista as it was quicker than anything else.

Here’s the websites, but if you’re going to install them best to do it through your package manager(s) … installing from the web is a bad windows habit :wink:


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