Linux Mint installation

I am a long time user of Windows 7, but I am wanting to install Linux Mint alongside it so that I have a dual-boot setup. I have already partitioned C Drive and created a D drive so i can keep important files there that i won’t lose in case I ever have to resinstall windows, which was needed a few weeks ago. So, I have Drive C, which Windows 7 is installed on, and a Drive D, which is purely used for important files.

My plan is to partition C drive again and call this, lets just say F Drive, and install Linux Mint on that. So my drive structure will be as follows…

C Drive: Windows 7
D Drive: Important files
F Drive: Linux Mint

Is this okay to do? I take Linux will ask which drive I want to install Mint during installation?

I ask because i read somewhere that you should only really have two drives with Windows on one and Linux on the other, but i can’t understand why that would be the case.


Hello Justin - and welcome to the Forum.

Generally, one just runs the Linux installation Live Disc/USB and selects “Install alongside Windows” from the menu that appears.
You don’t need to create special a partition yourself. It all happens automagically. Welcome to Linux. :slight_smile:


+1 for Keith’s advice!

Remember to back up your important files on D Drive before you do anything else… :wink: