Linux Mint: list of questions

I don’t believe the specific distro is that important (correct me if I am wrong)
After spending days searching for answers and trying to figure out solutions myself, I gave up (before I loose any more of my hair).
Below are a list of questions of problems, issues, quirks etc. Please do NOT ‘Quote’ the entire post when responding (it makes things simpler).

  1. Opened programs do not have tabs/icons in the bottom panel (Task Bar). How can you switch focus between multiple open programs if there aren’t any showing in the bottom ‘Panel’? If you minimize them, how can you restore them back?

  2. Disable authenticate every time you open certain ‘tools’.

  3. Device Manager equivalent that shows ALL devices, not just certain ones (the video card). If you want to update/change a specific device, how can you do it?

  4. Remember resizing printer properties (especially when the list doesn’t fit even with it extended).

  5. Hack to disable the ‘Caps Lock’ key.

  6. Remove the ‘Home’ folder and any ‘mounted’ drives/partitions that you don’t want there (without actually unmounting them).

  7. ‘Name’ column resized smaller so that all the columns don’t occupy the entire windows width to give a empty space to click on if the folder list is longer than the window can show?

  8. No ‘Trash’ icon shown on desktop (need for quicker access).

  9. Modify the date column shown in File Manager to remove the unnecessary day (not date) & time zone.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Right-click the bottom panel and select “Add to panel” … select “Window List” from the options.

  2. This would be a HUGE security risk … it can be done, but then you’d need to add things like antivirus and anti-malware … this is not Windows, and the fact that you need to grant permission before anything outside your home folder can be altered is one of the main things that makes Linux as secure as it is … when you understand how Linux security works, you won’t want this and by then you’ll know how to disable it if you choose
    (otherwise, instructions can be found with Google).

  3. There is no “direct” equivalent of the Windows device manager … devices are added to the system by the kernel unless blacklisted, and (most) drivers are also part of the kernel … if all you want is device info, install hardinfo

sudo apt-get install hardinfo

then look in your menu’s for “System Profiler and Benchmarker”

  1. Dunno … I don’t use MATE

  2. Run:


then hit your Left Shift key … you can now close the xev box … somewhere in the terminal will be output like

KeyPress event, serial 37, synthetic NO, window 0x3e00001, root 0x97, subw 0x0, time 29071780, (183,208), root:(777,502), state 0x0, [b]keycode 50[/b] (keysym 0xffe1, [b]Shift_L[/b]), same_screen YES, XLookupString gives 0 bytes: XmbLookupString gives 0 bytes: XFilterEvent returns: False
using the above example, you'd now run:
xmodmap -e ' keycode 50='

to disable the left Shift key

xmodmap -e ' keycode 50=Shift_L'

to re-enable it.

Be aware, disabling BOTH shift keys will make re-enabling them difficult.

  1. I don’t get this question … you CANNOT remove your ‘Home’ folder without breaking your system … it contains a lot of hidden user config files.

  2. Not sure what you mean … if you mean the left hand column in file manager, you should be able to click on then drag and drop the divider
    Okay I see what you mean … you can drag the dividers between column headers in list view to resize the columns)
    [END EDIT]

8.) In file manager, go to “Edit > Preferences” … is there nothing in there to add desktop icons including “Trash” ?

  1. See the answer to (8)

from now on can you post a single question per topic please … it will be impossible to mark this topic solved, when some questions are solved and others aren’t … and marking topics (SOLVED) greatly helps people searching for working solutions, it also means helpers don’t need to type up the same things repeatedly.


Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I thought one combined list made more sense vs 9 separate threads.
I numbered them purposely so any answer just needed a number in front of it instead of a quote and/or retyping the question.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: