Linux Mint LMDE 4 Debbie boots into Black screen

Hi, I’ve been using this version for about a week and yesterday I was trying to install “better” and drivers and got some problems using the command to update the initramfs but got it going, the pc rebooted fine and I could keep using it, today when I turn it on:

ask me the password to decrypt and I input it correctly

screen gets all black with the cursor blinking on top (i am able to write stuff on it but nothing works there)(if i hit CTRL ALT DEL) it appears the Mint logo and reboots

if I go in the recovery mode, happens the same

if I try the previous kernel (from the grub options) it happens all the same

Any ideas ? I did no physical changes and when I shut down yesterday, it was all fine

I’m starting to think I just gonna try access my data and reinstall again, but before just wanted try keep it alive and try learn with my mistakes