Linux Mint

I downloaded this and tried it on my PC without actually installing it.It seems to be quite a good version.Anybody any thoughts on Linux Mint? One thing I have noticed in the last couple of days is that there seems to be so many different versions of Linux/Ubuntu that it is very confusing to know which is the best one to adopt,before the final step ie installing it onto a hard drive.

Linux Mint 8 is the version to go for (if you want Mint) as it’s based on Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) so doesn’t suffer the problems of Ubuntu 10.04/Mint9… I use Mint 8… any help for Ubuntu will work for Mint and it has the Ubuntu restricted extras loaded by default, although this is very easy to achieve in Ubuntu, it will save you doing it manually, giving you support for flash, mp3, encrypted DVD etc. without you having to load them manually… but the differences are superficial :slight_smile:

You will certainly find help for Ubuntu/Mint easier to come by than some of the other distros, but most Linux help can quite easily be “transposed” onto any distro.

Linux Mint 8 (Helena) main edition is ‘my’ distro of choice, but this is just my opinion, and as it’s easy to test drive Linux from LiveCD’s it may be worth trying out a few distros before you decide which to install.

BTW, don’t confuse the names Linux and Ubuntu, Ubuntu is just one of many Linux distributions :slight_smile:
For an explanation of “Linux Distribution”… see here:

Mark,I managed to download and use Ubuntu 9.10,though I am writing and posting this message from Linux Mint version 9 (Isodora) I lke the fact that I can play most of my audio/video files from Windows without having to download drivers and codecs. :slight_smile: Kenny

If Mint 9 works for you, stick with it but be aware it “may” be heavier on system resources and depending on your graphics hardware it might give you problems with 3D effects.

I’m not saying you will have problems with Mint9/Ubuntu 10.04, it seems to work fine for about 50% of people who try it, I just wanted to make you aware of potential problems.


Glad your up and running though :slight_smile: