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Not unless gparted in PC-BSD will allow you to resize the UFS partition.

It doesn’t look like there is a gparted for PC-BSD, certainly nothing listed in Appcafe, I’ll just stick to the original plan


Yep PC-BSD has it’s own partitioning utility which CLI only,

Anyway as an update I, cannot get any non UFS drive to mount in PC-BSD I’ve tried FAT32, NTFS & EXT4 nothing other than UFS will mount, I always knew this would be a problem one day,

So it looks like it’s gonna have to be a LAN transfer 270 hours at the last count (I make that 10 days give or take not counting the inevitable connection timeouts) and that’s only 1 drive :frowning:

Don’t let anyone tell you PC-BSD is a Linux alternative


It might be a bit simpler to do this in your existing Linux install.
Find out which device holds your UFS file system:

sudo fdisk -l

note which device you intend to mount.
Create mount point

sudo mkdir /mnt/ufs_disk

Mount it read only (adjust device name to suit):

sudo mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sdXX /mnt/ufs_disk

Plug in your external HDD you intend to use for transfer (let it automount) then copy files over from /mnt/ufs_disk

I tried mounting a UFS partition in Peppermint earlier (in exactly the way SeZo mentions), and even though I’d installed ufsutils and modprobed ufs it still wasn’t recognised as a valid mount -t option :o
(and I’m seeing that on the web a LOT … some pages suggest support needs compiling into the kernel, but if that’s the case, why is there a ufs module ??? )

That’s a good point Mark - it’s quicker to compile a patched kernel than wait 10 days for a LAN transfer

Yeah I tried some time ago to get ufs partitions to mount in Linux following various tutorials and I couldn’t get it to work either and just assumed I wasn’t doing it right.

Anyway everything went pear shaped last night and I had to reinstall OMV (long story) anyway as it happens BSD wont mount anything other than ufs but it will let me access my Windows partition via gigolo so I can transfer to that partition then access them through either Windows or Linux and copy them to the 250 ext HDD frm there, then connect the ext drive to OMV and copy over which I’m doing now, it’s not too bad it takes around 6 hours to transfer 100gb approx

Many thanks


Ouch :o