Linux networks

This is a question about Linux LAN / Networks
Microsoft has Windows Server Operating system
Is there a Linux Server? Is there a Linux Client install for workstations?
Please explain

Erm, what are you trying to achieve exactly ?

There are server editions of most Linux distros, but I’m guessing this is NOT what you want… server editions are only “optimised” for duties as a server, so will not install a GUI by default and will have to be administered from the command line, but in reality they are no different to the desktop edition, they are just set up differently.

ie. the desktop edition can be reconfigured to a server setup and vice versa. (or in other words… the ONLY difference between the desktop and server editions is the installed software).

I’m guessing you just want to network your PC’s ?

If so are we talking Windows <—> Linux ?

Or are you talking about Windows Terminal Server and thin clients ? … In which case you want to be looking into LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project)

So the questions really should be…

Do I need a server?

Do I need a server optimised Linux edition.

What type of server… ie. which services do I need the Linux server to offer, and/or how do I configure my Linux system to best fulfil its role as a…

Web server
File server
Terminal server
Application server
Media server
Print server


I think “pravric” is also asking my next question. I now have a spare PC due to recent events. I am hoping to set up a file and print server with a scanner attached. Should I use Ubuntu Server or a ordinary desktop edition with the printers and scanner connected to this spare PC.

Sorry to jump on your post “pravric”.

The Cockney Mackem!

Personally for a server on a small LAN where ease of use takes priority over speed/security I’d go for the desktop edition (which is pretty secure anyway… it is Linux after all :wink: ), unless you are happy with configuring/administering the server from the CLI, or you want to install a GUI desktop to the server edition.

My point was… there is no difference between the desktop and server editions except for the installed packages and settings.

There is nothing preventing you from either adding the server tools to a “desktop” installation or the desktop and applications to a “server” installation (Linux is not Windows… thank god :wink: )

Thanks Mark

Think I will go for the ordinary distro, as it has Ubuntu already on it. But I will get rid of some applications that will not be needed.

The Cockney Mackem!

That’s the way I’d go on a small LAN, as you can always use it as another desktop too… not that you couldn’t do the same with the server edition, but you’d have to install a GUI first :slight_smile:

You could always take a look at a distro with a light weight desktop such as Lubuntu… which uses the LXDE desktop which is much lighter than the full gnome desktop, but is Ubuntu based so has all the same packages available.

Or Xubuntu… with the light weight Xfce desktop

Same thing with Linux Mint… they do LXDE, Xfce, and Fluxbox editions… all of which are light desktops, and are Ubuntu based.