Linux on a slave drive

Hi, I want to install linux on a second 80g drive that is set as “Slave”, will I be able to boot from this and if set as master how will it affect my present Master which has Win XP on it. Thanks for your time

OK the easiest and safest way of doing this would be to…

a) physically remove/disconnect the XP hard drive.

b) Install Linux onto the secondary (now only) hard drive

c) once finished, reattach the XP hard drive, but make sure the Linux drive is set as the primary (first) boot device.

d) boot into Linux … and then update the GRUB bootloader … which will then find the XP installation and offer it as a boot option at next boot.

Make sense ?

Questions ?


Hi, thanks for the quick reply, yes it does make sense and I will try it tomorrow, thanks again, I´m sure I will have questions, samstuart

Just remove the Windows drive and get Linux installed and working … then we’ll add the Windows drive back in and sort out the bootloader :slight_smile: