Linux on Ainol tablet ???

Let’s say I bought an Ainol 10.1 inch tablet (I did) and I’m wondering if I can have linux on it - what’s the best way ?

Can I put it on an SD card like you can put it on a USB stick ?

is the best android site for all things android.

good luck


Erm, you could try this … :slight_smile:

The problem is drivers - although Android runs a Linux kernel, it is heavily modified, and Google has slated Linus & co for refusing to accept their patches into the mainline Linux kernel (at one point, Google threatened to fork the entire kernel and run with it themselves).

If you’ve nothing to lose (ending up with a “dead” tablet), I’d do as MP suggested and give Ubuntu a try, following all their guides, as Canonical seem to be the ones pushing in that direction the strongest

I had a quick look at this site- I get the impression it isn’t for sale yet? Only a matter of time though… ;D