Linux on Games consoles ...

We had a discussion a little while back about Linux running on (relatively powerful) games consoles and came to the conclusion that the PS3 might be an interesting option if it were a little cheaper. (i.e. for a cheap Linux PC) Last week, Sony announced a slim version of the PS3 with a much reduced price tag (to compete with the 360?) which did make wonder if it was worth getting hold of one and trying it out with Linux.

Now today I see this;


Me and mark was discussing this last night after finding this article

i held off posting anything because this was set as a rumor, i have sent an email to sony asking but as yet haven’t had a reply.

i still haven’t seen any official words from Sony themselves yet, which leads me to believe its an april fools joke

i haven’t installed Linux on my ps3 as i don’t really have the space but i could understand the frustration for users who do have Linux installed, if this is true. Seems silly to update to remove a feature, doesn’t make sense.

Mmm, XBOX units were always sold at a loss, hence M$ tried to prevent the box from being used as anything other than a games console to prevent non-games buyers from purchasing the kit and using it as a cheap PC. (M$ making their money back on games sales)

Sony could afford to be ‘generous’ with Open Source because if people bought the kit and used it for other things, it didn’t matter because they were making a profit on the kit. Problem being, they weren’t competing on price with the 360. Now they’ve dropped the price to 360 levels they have the same dilemma as M$, either they risk taking a hit because people buy PS3’s and use them as cheap PC’s, or they make it a games only unit.

In this instance they seem only to want to maintain one firmware release (!) which means anyone who paid a premium for the box loses part of what they paid for (i.e. it’s ability to run other stuff!) when they update it.

Sony seem to be making one marketing faux pas after another !