Linux programming


Can anyone recommend a good Linux programming book?



Hi Fractal Cat, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Linux is an OS kernel, not a programming language … so what language are you looking at, or what are your goals ?

Or do you mean shell scripting (such as bash) ?

Hi Mark,

I’ve been using Windows for many years and have programmed some things myself. I want to be able to write programs
for Linux, like I do with Windows. I would hopefully be using C/C++ or Java.

Thanks for the prompt response.



Java should be the same for both Linux & Windows - it’s one of the project’s goals :wink:

As stated in the post above, programs written in Java should work under both Windows and Linux, you only need to have Java installed.

You can use shell scripting for programs in Linux, though. A couple of links that can help you get started:

This reminds me when I started learning Bash scripting.
I found this How to write practical shell scripts a good start for me in Bash scripting.
However, Linux programming is not only about Bash. You can use any other scripting language like Python.
I’ll not say Bash is not suitable, but anyone should take a look at the alternatives.


Each language has its own pros & cons and comes down to personal preference and the particular application.

Bash is perfect for my requirements and I began with the book “The Linux Command Line” by W.E Shotts (available both in hard copy and as a free PDF download) and make much use of web tutorials such as the one in the previous post.

Did it take you long to grasp the basics of Bash, Keith? Is it intuitive?

Hi Wilton.

Sorry for the delay in replying - I didn’t receive the usual auto-email until today !
Beginning with the book was very helpful and I soon got the hang of the basics. As for intuitive: like most things it becomes intuitive with practice!

The best way to get the hang of scripting is to have a definite task to perform and accept that one needs to refer to the book a lot at first. I needed to do some really weird things and found many solutions on the web - in fact I that is my major source of solutions now. This Forum is also a good source of info as there are so many knowledgeable people here willing to help. As Mark once told me: “There are no daft questions”.
There are also the “man” pages - the scripting manual built into Linux. I find it hard going but it’s always worth trying first.

Good luck with your scripting.