Linux ran through a usb?

If i were to install a parenting software such as net nanny on a windows xp or a windows 7 laptop (Buying one soon), will my son be able to canel the restrictions and monitoring stuff if he every time plugged in a usb and just used linux from there. Just to clarify, will he have free acess of the intrnet etc if he ran linux on a usb?

Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

YES he will.

You might want to see if your router has any kind of parental control built in … some do, most don’t … that would cover ALL connections going through the router.

You may be able to disable booting from anything but the hard drive (in the PC’s BIOS), and password protect the BIOS.

or disable the USB ports altogether in the BIOS and password protect the BIOS.

It would probably be a good idea to ask before you buy … ask if the BIOS would allow you to disable USB and CD/DVD booting in the BIOS, then password protect the BIOS.

If you do this … DO NOT forget the BIOS password, or you won’t be able to reinstall an operating system should the need ever arise :slight_smile: