Linux Social with Linux Connect

have to say this site is great forum site
ive created a linux social site and im not bothering with forums because these forums are far to good !!

ive created linux connect with has


and more coming

I went to have a look around your website, to check it wasn’t a commercial venture, commercial ventures not being allowed to post purely for search engine optimisation … I’m sure you understand that, and if not, believe me you will once the SPAM battle begins.

Yet I’m still not sure whether it’s commercial or not ? … simply because I was put off by the procedure for joining.

Is there any reason you require SO MUCH PERSONAL INFORMATION to join ?


WARNING: See thiis posting before signing up to linuxconnect:


For the time being, I’ll allow the posting, unless someone tells me it’s a commercial or information phishing site … If this is a legitimate “Linux Lounge” type site I’d seriously cut back on the “Required” fields in your sign up procedure … that will put a LOT of people off joining … it did me :wink:

Mmm …

This forum was started to satisfy demand … i.e. UK alternatives were limited.
One has to wonder (!) why, given the comment “this forum is far too good”, one would want to start another to ‘compete’ with it … ?!
[I’m waiting for the spam / advertising to appear!!]

Looks dodgy to me. There’s no “about” page, no “privacy policy” page, no “terms of service” page, basically no information at all.

I’m calling shenanigans.

Hmm … just spotted the linuxconnect site founders “profile” page:

Where he appears to slag off our signup procedure >:(

At least we don’t REQUIRE your Gender, an “About Me” comment, your FULL address, a Website, your College/University, and your Graduation year to join.

Which then appears to get displayed on your profile page for ANYONE to view (including non-members) by default.
(as a non-member I can freely view 7 out of their 8 members profile information)

Nor do we require verification by email.

So who’s site really has the:-


As an aside, he also slags off the Ubuntu forum:-

Ubuntu (or us) are under no obligation to “advertise” his site, and with an attitude like that I’m beginning to think the Ubuntu forum admin probably made the right decision. :o

I’d say you’re not doing yourselves any favours … so far all I’m seeing on your site is pretty unwarranted negative commentary about other Linux community websites … that’s unlikely to gain you any friends/members. :slight_smile:

I just read through some of his posts. Oh the irony! It’s burns so deep!