Linux Tracking History

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to backtrack or check all history and activities done in my linux systems.

Ex. check all done command line activity on my server

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for the current user … or check the .bash_history files for other users (in their home folders).

You could also check /var/log/auth.log

or any of the other log files in /var/log

and possibly search the system for “history”

locate history


sudo find / -name *history*

Thank you so much Mark,

I did some research and found out psacct tool. On this tool I can see only the command apply on the systems but not full detailed. Did you have any idea that can help.

Ex. mkdir dennis

I can only see command “mkdir” but not full details including the folder “mkdir dennis”

Again, thanks in advance.

psacct and acct don’t log thwe full command “as entered” … that would be in the bash_history (as metined above.

They only log the use of a particular command … see here:

Thank you so much Mark


No problem :slight_smile: