Linux Workstations

[smg id=1606 align=right]Hi, just in case anyone is interested … I’ve been offered some (brand new / with warranty) Linux Workstations with the following specification;

  • Case (as shown)
    • CPU AMD FX4300, Quad Core, 3.8GHz (this is pretty quick)
    • 600W PSU
    • 24x DVD ReWriter
    • 8G Ram (2x4G)
    • Arctic 7 CPU Cooler
    • GeForce GT710, 192 Core, 2560x1600 (digital)
    • Segate Pipeline 320 HDD
    • Ubuntu Desktop pre-installed
    • (no mouse/keyboard/screen)
      £300 + Delivery + VAT, 1 year warranty etc …

I need a few orders to get this price, so if anyone’s interested, please let me know.

I think your problem will be that few people buy desktops any more outside the business environment … it’s all laptops these days, and they’re now considered consumables, as soon as the HDD dies (and that’s inevitably quickly, and the reason they don’t fit SSD’s as standard) people just replace the whole laptop. Hell you can’t even replace RAM/HDD/Battery in most modern laptops without a full teardown … Disposable laptops are now the new desktop.

Absolutely, however if you want a “good” machine to work on, unless you pay out 4 figures - a laptop doesn’t really cut it … which puts them a long way from being cost-effective. The machine under my desk is a similar spec to these, but it’s six years old and runs with a 27" monitor, and cost around £500 … and as a developer it’s so quick, I’m not even thinking about replacing it … my Sony laptop on the other hand (which cost more), well, it’s good for playing Blue-Ray disks … but only because it’s the only machine I have that’s new enough to come with a Blue-ray player … :slight_smile: