Listening to radio (solved)

Trying to listen to radio stations through browser (Opera) with radioplayer but getting nothing.RadioPlayer opens but does not play anything.If I try LBC I just get the player opening, for BBC stations I get message to ‘enable flash player in browser’,but IT IS enabled.Have tried using Radiotray but when I added LBC it wouldn’t play and got a large notification about suitable plugins could not be found.
Can anybody shed any light on getting it to work.
just found a link for playing LBC and BBC but not an ideal way of doing it at which then plays in VLC

vlc stopped playing streams now… >:(

Went to test site for adobe flash in Opera and according to that it ain’t working.

Which distro/version/architecture ?

Cinnamon 3.8.9 Distro: Linux Mint 19 Tara 64bit
Opera 55.0.2994.59 -stable

What is the output from running this command in a terminal

dpkg -l | grep flash


and if in Opera you go to:-

is it set like this:-

Om mrs w10 at moment but will give the command a go and yes I have flash settings enabled as in your pic with the sites added under allow. :wink:

Okay I’ll await your output.

In Opera, if you go to this website

and click the Check Now button.

If it says

Sorry, Flash Player is either not installed or not enabled. Please go to step 2.

Your Flash Version Not installed
Your browser name Opera
Your Operating System (OS) Linux

Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree

Now close ALL running web browser instances and reopen Opera ← this is important, to unload any flashplayers.

Now go back to to this website

and click the Check Now button.

and it should now say

Congratulations, your computer has the latest Flash Player installed. Start playing games, listening to music, and watching videos!

Your Flash Version
Your browser name Opera
Your Operating System (OS) Linux

dpkg -l | grep flash

Produces this…

c@c-H61M-D2H-USB3:~$ dpkg -l | grep flash
ii adobe-flash-properties-gtk 1:20180911.1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 amd64 GTK+ control panel for Adobe Flash Player plugin
ii adobe-flashplugin 1:20180911.1-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 amd64 Adobe Flash Player plugin
rc flashplugin-installer amd64 Adobe Flash Player plugin installer
ii flashproxy-client 1.7-4 all Pluggable transport to circumvent IP address blocking - client transport plugin
ii flashproxy-common 1.7-4 all Pluggable transport to circumvent IP address blocking - common library
ii flashproxy-facilitator 1.7-4 all Pluggable transport to circumvent IP address blocking - facilitator
ii flashproxy-proxy 1.7-4 all Pluggable transport to circumvent IP address blocking - browser proxy

Adobe site produced this (seemed to get stuck on please wait) although it shows version of flash as you can see.

Okay if I were you I’d run:

sudo apt-get remove --purge adobe-flashplugin adobe-flash-properties-gtk 


sudo apt-get install --reinstall flashplugin-installer pepperflashplugin-nonfree

then close ALL web browser instances, and open Opera.

Now test your radio websites.

ran commands and results are

BBc radio player opens and I get yellow box ‘pluginblocked’ click on this and get

manage flash settings (it’s already enabled and allowed sites as per previous post and have redone it)
Run plugin this time if I click on this then BBC plays (small victory) but …
LBC only opens radio player and won’t play anything and no yellow box .

Since reloading flash via above commands Firefox plays BBC but cannot play LBC live stream only podcasts

Checked LBC in chromium and that plays no problem so not station issue.

Only tried these stations with just one browser opened at a time.
Hope this makes sense.I know the answer would be to just use Chromium but I much prefer Opera than any other browser.

I do look on net for solutions and not just asking without trying myself.

update…it seems that the links are a problem in Opera.Going to website and clicking on listen doesn’t work but on the same page if I click on listen to LBC that works after about a 30 sec delay…see pic

However if I save the link of the radio player that clicking listen to LBC opens it won’t work??? I have to go through the listen to LBC link on website everytime.
firefox doesn’t display the Listen to LBC link

I’d be happy to use stand alone radio player if that is a better way to do it than through browser.After all the above is only a work around really.

Have you tried installing gradio ?
(both LBC and the BBC stations play perfectly in gradio … as do hundreds of other stations)

It should be available as a flatpak in the Mint 19 Software Manager.

will try thanks

Installed and up and running perfectly,thanks once again for your help.

No problem :slight_smile: