Live USB with Persistence.

First attempt at this.

Have created a live usb with persistence on start up disk creator.

Installed peppermint 5 32 bit ISO and left 4G for persistence.

Updated and installed restricted extras.

USB booting ok into live but there were some warnings during install…Crypt…?

Any checks I should do before HDD installation…?.

Jocklad. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

warnings during install of what ?

The …Crypt…? error was during : sudo apt-get upgrade Mark.


did you choose to encrypt your home partition during installation ?

What’s the contents of:

gedit /etc/fstab


gedit /etc/crypttab


If everything appears to ve working I’d probably not worry about it … but if you notice the error again, try to write down the whole error.

Or do you mean during running “sudo apt-get upgrade” whilst booted to the persistent LiveUSB ?

Quote:did you choose to encrypt your home partition during installation ?

gedit /etc/fstab
overlayfs / overlayfs rw 0 0
tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 0 0
/dev/sda5 swap swap defaults 0 0

gedit /etc/crypttab

The errors were on sudo apt-get upgrade with the USB.

Installed to a spare HDD this morning.

Install did not report any errors.

On booting to HDD it goes to P5 desktop but there is no USB keyboard or Mouse control.


On running sudo apt-get update on live USB this morning got:

cryptsetup:warning:failed to detect canonical device of overlayfs.

cryptsetup:warning: could not determine root device /ect/fstab


Bit confused about what an HDD installation has to do with anything, I thought this was about a persistant live USB install?

When the live usb is updated and completed it will be installed onto a Hdd.

The whole idea of which is to avoid updating and installing from scratch on each installation.


That won’t work.

Updating the LiveUSB will “still” result in a non-updated install … the persistence file is NOT copied across during the install.
(just tick the “install updates during installation” box… requires an active internet connection)

Those cryptsetup errors can be ignored on a LiveUSB.

Quote: the persistence file is NOT copied across during the install.

I just assumed it would be.

Oh well…that blows that idea out of the water… :smiley:

Thanks Mark.


Yep, just gotta wait for a respin…
(whenever that is…?)

Unless there’s an urgent ‘need’ to fix something in the original ISO image there’s usually a respin around 6 months in, the original Peppermint 5 ISO carries the date 23rd June 2014 so that puts a respin sometime towards the end of December (ish) :wink: