Log in requested for samba shares in Peppermint

Hi something strange.

Set up shares on my peppermint laptop with anyone can access.

Can see the shares from my mint 19.3 desktop but when I try to access from the desktop a password is requested.

I tried entering the user name and password for the laptop and for the desktop but can not login.

In the other direction on problems accessing shares on the mint system from peppermint.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi Tramlink.

It’s been too many years since I did this for me to be able to assist, but it might help other Members to offer advice if you can tell us which sharing system you are using. e.g. Samba (good for Windows-Linux) or NFS (best for Linux-Linux).
This might help some people: How to Share Files Between Linux Computers Using NFS


Hi to all

Because there is a windows laptop on the LAN I use samba to share files on all computers on the LAN.

Also noticed that if I try to open the network shares on the peppermint laptop it asks for a password and the user name and password for the computer is rejected.

Hi - I’ve never used Samba so can’t comment on it - however - reading this


prompts the thought… is it the ‘Samba’ password that is required, rather than the computer username/password etc? Particularly the section about ‘Adding password-secured shares’? As I say, just a thought and ignore if it’s off beam.

If I remember right, with newer Samba, it will not allow anonymous public share
Try adding to your smb.conf

    map to guest = Bad User
    log file = /var/log/samba/%m
    log level = 1
[your share]
    # This share allows anonymous (guest) access
    # without authentication!
    read only = no
    guest ok = yes
    force user = nobody