Login Keyring

I am getting ‘Unlock login Keyring’ where I need to enter the password.
The problem is, I don’t know what it is. I have tried current and previous passwords but they do not work.
What can I do?
This is on Mrs Pookys lappy (11.10)

When are you seeing that message ?

Is wireless working ?

Yes, wireless is working. The message pops up on boot-up

Dunno if this thread is of any help to you, but might worth to have a look.

Yeh, but does wireless ONLY connect after you’ve entered the password ?

No, wireless connects regardless. I’ve not tried the link yet…

Had a look at the link SeZo posted.
I don’t know the password so I can’t enter current password.
It’s not the login password is it? as that’s recently been changed.I actually think I’ve tried them too.


mv -v ~/.gnome2/keyrings ~/.gnome2/keyrings.old

The above will have removed the keyring(s) … which will be recreated empty on next boot, so will prompt you for a new password for the keyring.

Now reboot.

If it prompts for a “keyring password” on next boot … either leave it blank (and tell it that you want to use “unsafe storage”), or enter your CURRENT password.

I’ve followed your instructions and it has not asked for keyring password. I take that as it’s now unsafe!
How do I rectify this and make it safe?

It’s only using “unsafe” storage if it prompted you for a keyring password and you left it blank.

is that what you did ?

It didn’t ask for one after the reboot.

Don’t worry about it then :wink:

I had the same problem of the keyring asking for its password on bootup and found this info on: https://one.ubuntu.com/help/faq/how-do-i-get-rid-of-the-keyring-password-prompt/:

[i]There are two common scenarios where you will be prompted for your keyring password:

  1. You are set to auto-login (no login prompt when you start your computer)
  2. Your keyring password is different than your login password

For #1, if you want to remove the keyring password prompt, it is recommended you setup a login for Ubuntu and set the keyring password to be the same as your Ubuntu login password.

For #2 you can change the keyring password to be the same as your login password by:

  1. Open Applications->Accessories->Passwords And Encryption Keys or on Ubuntu 11.04 press the “super key” (Windows key on most keyboards) and type “Passwords” then click on “Passwords and Encryption Keys”
  2. Right-click on the “Passwords” folder and select “Change Password”
  3. Set the new keyring password to be the same as your login password[/i]

I changed the keyring password to my login password and it was fine. Hope this is useful.

I’m getting the different keyring password too- with 10.4.1 if I do

mv -v ~/.gnome2/keyrings ~/.gnome2/keyrings.old

and enter the new password, it doesn’t demand the additional step of entering that one also, does it?

I don’t want unsafe storage, I’m doing wifi in extremely high threat environment.

It’s a real pain cause it just stopped asking for keyring, but afraid it is limiting Wifi

ACTUALLY I did this, entering the new password so they should be indentical:

The “Passwords and Keys” window should come up as shown below. Under the Passwords tab, select login, right-click on it, and then click on Change Password:

The “Change Keyring Password” box will come up. Type your old password, and then leave the new/confirm password fields blank. Then press OK, and the information box shown below will pop-up; read it, and then click on Use Unsafe Storage to not have to enter your password at each login:

enter image description here

Close the keyring manager. After you log out/reboot, you won’t be asked for your password any more.