Logitec webcam and ubuntu 12.04

I have a webcam that is for windows:

  1. Logitech quickcam v11.8

is it possible to use it on Ubuntu 12.04?
where can I find the drivers for ubuntu 12.04 ?

Thanks a lot for your support.


Hi Blinky

I have a Logitec webcam not sure of the model but it’s the same as the attachment and it works for me I’m running Peppermint 4 which is an Ubuntu derivative so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

I can’t speak for the Creative, personally I would just plug it in and see

Good luck


Hello Emegra,

I tried to use it with skype and the creative doesn’t work.

I investigated around and found that the creative vista doesn’t work.

I really need some luck as some logitech work and some others don’t.

I will try again with the logitech …


all fixed.
I discovered that skype need having an external mic.

Thank you.


I didn’t really do much to help but you’re welcome

Glad you got it sorted


Does the webcam not have a built in mic ?

Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and post the output from this command:



arecord -l