Looking for a game (Solved)

Hi All,
I had a game ? at one time that converted pictures to jigsaws. I can’t remember the name of it. Can anyone help ?

Was it Picsaw ?


If so, which distro/version/architecture are you running ?

For my reference:

Hi Mark,
It may have been that. I think you can use your own picture and divide it into different number of pieces.
I used it for a scrollsaw pattern. I used the club logo and divided it into 64 pieces (I think) and then cut them out and gave them to the kids on our open day.I think there was something Italian about the programme. ?
EDIT I am using 64 bit Peppermint 5

Download this .deb file:
and double-click it to install


Or maybe it was Palapeli

Thanks Mark,
That will do fine for the moment. It works well but is not the programme I had in mind.
I know the programme I want and I can sort of visualise it, getting the name has so far eluded me but I will keep searching.
Thanks again
;D YOUR THE MAN :wink:
Palapeli it is

Maybe it was Palapeli (which sounds Italian):

sudo apt install palapeli


Thanks Mark,
It was Palapeli. (I have it so noted in a previous edit, got so excited at finding it again)
Thanks again

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@ donwatson

Thanks for mentioning Palapeli my Grand-daughter loves it :slight_smile:

@ Mark

Thanks for finding it :slight_smile:


I think it’s fantastic that you can take one of your own pictures and cut it into hundreds, even thousands, of pieces. The familiarity of the picture makes it easy to reconstruct. Glad you like it. :wink:

Happy I could help … there’s little in life quite so rewarding as putting (or knowing you helped put) a smile on a kids face :slight_smile: