Looking for new email client

Using mint 18.3 64 bit.

For many years I have been using Thunderbird for my email and lighting for my calender. There wer lots of good add-ons for highlighting and translating emails.

Since version 60 there have been lots of issues so I rolled back to version 52 with the help of a previous topic.

But still the add-ons are not working.

So have been looking for a new email client but can not find a multi-platform system with the same apps ( spell check, calender, highlighter and translator) any one got any recommendations?

or know how to get the add-ons working in Thunderbird?

Most of the Legacy Addons will never work again in Seamonkey nor in Thunderbird… There are critical bits of code that Firefox/Mozilla have chosen to deprecate permanently. My memory doesn’t serve me, precisely on what those bits might be. Furthermore, most addons were long ago abandoned by their creators as it was too much work to keep up with the rapid release upgrades since Firefox 4. There just aren’t enough addon creators left willing to work that hard for very small rewards.


The news.mozilla.org newsgroups are still active if you want to join up for more specific details.

fwiw, I just reinstalled Seamonkey 2.53 Beta 2, even though I long ago abandoned any use of addons… 8)

When this topic comes up in the peppermintOS forums, most folks refer to protonmail which has free and paid offerings. Yet the vast majority of users no longer use an email client at all.

I use claws-mail, which I find very reliable. It does spell-checking and has some plug-ins, but not translation.

HI thanks for the replies.

An email client makes managing the 5 different company email accounts easy.

As a small business I need the same abilities as you get in MS Exchange and we also have clients who write in different languages.

The strange thing is that these add-ons used to work in Thunderbird 52 but are not working now.

Have tried claws-mail and another programs from the Repros but they do not have the options I need.

Got it working but had to change settings that are only usable by people with some experience.
Basic removed any reference to blacklisted add-ons.

I have 12 accounts from all over the web filtering into my inbox in the latest release of Seamonkey… so that bit would be covered.

I am reminded that palemoon, which is a seamonkey fork… is attempting to retain some of the prior addons capability… I haven’t installed that for a few years now, but may be worth a look/see?

A couple of others to consider…

Pegasus Mail: http://www.pmail.com/

A List Comapring Email clients.

As far as I can tell, Pegasus is not available for Linux: Pegasus Mail and Linux