Losing Libre office window when minimizing.

Hi all.

I have just been toting up Mrs Toonman’s outrageous Christmas spending on a spreadsheet with Libre Office (bah Humbug). The thing is when I minimize it (to dry my eyes) :wink: I seem to have lost it. I can’t find it on LXPanel. Recently I had the old Peppermint 4 two volume icon problem and deleted one. I must have done something.

EDIT. It’s doing it with anything I minimize.

Any ideas?

Zoostorm Laptop, 8gb, Intel Pentium,Peppermint 4.

Have you deleted the Task Bar Window List?
If you have then go to panel settings (e.g. right clicking on the “desktops” part of the panel) and:

choose Panel Applets tab
from the list, choose "Task Bar (Window List)"

Hi SeZo. There isn’t a Task bar aplet in panel applets.

Hi SeZo. There isn't a Task bar aplet in panel applets.

In that case (in Panel Applets tab) click +Add to get list of available plugins and select Task Bar (Window List)

HEY! Sorted. :slight_smile:

Thanks Sezo.

Merry Xmas.