loss of menu choices

I have happily used Peppermint 6 on my 4 Acer Aspire one’s all of this year.

I have encountered a small problem on one of them recently and am sue that it is something stupid
that I have done.

The menu on the left hand side when I startup has now been reduced to the following :

Software Manager
File Manager

Please could someone help me get all the other choices back.

Many thanks,

Kevin Woodward

Can you open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and post the output from this command

ls -a ~/.config/menus

Thanks for your reply.
Tried that but getting error message

cannot access /home/kevin/.config/menus: no such file

Okay, try this … open a terminal and run:

mv ~/.cache/menus ~/.cache/menus-old


lxpanelctl restart

now log off/on (or reboot)

does the menu work now ?

Thanks for trying to help but that did not work.
Maybe I should just re-install Peppermint 6 - but then I would lose my files etc

Do the menus work if you log into a guest session ?

if so, we could create a new user … add it to the right groups … copy across your docs/pics/etc … then delete the old account