Lost in Hyper-Space - actually trouble installing :(

I’ve an old MacBookPro (with 32bit limitation) Managed to install Linux Lite but haven’t got anywhere with installation of two things I really need (a) Citrix (b) Skype. I’ve looked through various u-Tube posts - no luck. Can anyone please give me a little guidance? I wondered if I should install WINE but I believe the number of applications are limited and probably don’t include Citrix ICA32 which is used by our server (prehistoric but it works). One last thing LinuxLite has Citrix and Skype listed as apps to be installed but I’ve failed so often that I re-installed Linux Lite to be sure all is vanilla. Thanks for any help / guidance - Jean

Hi jeanrouge, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Can you let us know

Which version of Linux Lite you are using ?

What exactly the problem was with Skype and Citrix (isaclient), was it a problem installing, or that they installed but wouldn’t run, or that they ran but wouldn’t connect, etc. ?

If it’s not late I recomand Lubuntu,
It’s small and fast. Only one problem, the repo does not have much software, you have to download and install .deb packages manually.