Lost internet connection

I have been running my Asus EEPC with Linux and connecting wirelessly to the internet and have never had a problem until yesterday morning when I lost the connection and got the following error message:
‘Could not read network connection list.
Please check that the dcopserver program is running.’

Can anyone help?

I have been doing a bit of research on this problem, and it seems that it is probably related to either an .ICEauthority permission/ownership issue, or your system is running out of space/inodes.
(at the moment, i’m leaning towards inode/disk usage…probably after an update)

Can you open a terminal and type:

ls -l ~/.ICEauthority

and post back the results

also in a terminal type:

df -i

and post back the results

also in a terminal type:

df -h

and post back the results

BE AWARE Linux IS case sensitive… So type the commands ‘exactly’ as shown.

Maybe it’s me, but seeing;

makes me think you're logging into your machine as the root user .. you're not are you?

Thanks Mad Penguin… Nice Catch… FIRST check your NOT logged in as root

As far as I’m aware .DCOPserver… ‘should’ be in your home (~) directory, but gets modified at boot time, or re-created if it’s missing.
I keep reading that if you run (some) KDE apps in Gnome (or vice versa) using ‘sudo’ that .ICEauthority can get ‘hijacked’ by root, and then ‘may’ start looking for (and/or creating) the .DCOPserver file in the wrong place.

I ‘meant’ to ask, are you logged in as a user or root?, because there is no point in knowing who owns .ICEauthority unless we know who you are logged in as.

but from what I gather, on an EeePC .DCOPserver errors are ‘usually’ the first sign of having no Inodes left… which ‘may’ bring us right back to why is it in the /root/ directory.

The name is bugging me a bit too
I think it should (normally?) be
.DCOPserver… typo?