Lost Pictures

I have copied my pictures from Windows 7 over to Mint 19.2 Cinnamon and checked that they were there OK, The next time I tried to access a picture I got this message:
The Link “My Pictures is Broken”. Move it to the Rubbish Bin?
This Link cannot be used, because its target “media/***/BC286EEC286EA55C/Users//Pictures” doesn’t exist.

Please advise how to re-establish the link, or should I copy the pictures again?

It looks like you didn’t copy the pictures themselves across, instead you just created symlinks (‘shortcuts’ in Windows parlance) to them … so when you removed the originating drive the symlinks/shortcuts no longer worked.

Yeah, copy them across again, but this time highlight them, then right-click and select ‘Copy’ … then go to the folder you want to copy them into, right-click and select ‘Paste’.

Photorec is a splendid app, it recovers more than pictures, its found files on my drives which I thought had long gone, give it a try should you need to recover files.

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