Lost Raid 5 - Please help

Hey guys,

Was hoping I someone would be able to help me out. I currently have a Thecus N4800eco running on linux, it is running Raid 5 (4x 3TB drives).

I woke up the other morning to find my raid was degraded, disk 3 had fallen off the raid. Several attempts were made to recover the raid, though were unsuccessful due to bad sectors on disk 2.

It was then I had the stupid idea of marking disk 2 as spare. Upon doing so (and after a reboot), much to my despair my raid was completely gone!

Anyone able to assist in me regaining my raid somehow? Please help!

Please bare in mind my Linux knowledge is some what limited




If you’ve had two disk failures under RAID 5, it’s looking bleak for your data :frowning:
That’s not a Linux thing, it’s a RAID thing (would be the same under any OS)