lost screen (Solved)

I usually have an option to switch between 1 screen and 2 screen but I only have 1 screen now. Where has the other screen gone ?
I must have deleted it ? help please

Don W

Do you mean “Screens” (as in monitors), or “Workspaces” (as in the workspace switcher on the bottom panel) ?

Workspaces I think, Mark.

Okay, in the main menu go to:-

menu > Preferences > Peppermint Control Center

Select the “Window Manager” tab

and set

Number of workspaces: 2

Did that change the number of available workspaces on the bottom panel ? … or are you saying the workspace switcher no longer exists at all on the bottom panel ?

If the workspace switcher is missing altogether…

Right-click on a blank space on the bottom panel, and select:-

Panel > Panel Preferences

then select the “Items” tab

Check if there’s already a “Workspace Switcher” item.

If not, click the “Add (+)” button … highlight the “Workspace Switcher” item, and click the “+ Add” button you should see a workspace switcher appear on the bottom panel) … then click the “Close” button.

Back in the Panel Preferences window, highlight the “Workspace Switcher” item and use the UP/DOWN arrow buttons to move it to where you want it on the bottom panel.
(default is just above the “Notification Area” item)

Thanks Mark,
Window Manager > workspaces 2 was already set, so I went to Panel Preferences>Items and entered it below the Notification Area (I like these switches on the right hand side).
All is now well and I think I could have done this if I had looked back some of the threads that have been raised on this forum ?? Maybe not as I am a bit of a numpty

take care
Don W

No problem Don :slight_smile: