Lost WiFi/Network applet

The misses has been on the laptop and …hey presto the WiFi applet has gone!

Any suggestions on getting it back?

Toshiba Equium Ubuntu 10.10

IIRC right click on panel-add to panel, then select applet from pop up window

As galaxytdm says, try right-clicking the top panel, then select “Add tp panel”, then add a “Notification Area”.

If may give yoiu some advice:

Ditch the standard gnome network applet and install Wicd.

Wicd providses you with a bit more info regarding wifi connections and it works better than the standard network applet!

Don’t make the same mistake i did, first install wicd and then remove the standard network applet :wink:

I’d agree … Wicd is great, unless you use a mobile broadband dongle, which it doesn’t support.

Thanks for the tips. Where will I find wicd?

Wicd is in the repos.
In the meantime you could try to reinstate the applet

kill-all nm-applet

As it it looks like it is not started at boot

OK, so I’ve installed wicd and it looks good. I now have the old applet back as well, just can’t seem to remove it. If I do remove it will I have to reinstate all my passwords for WiFi into wicd or will they transfer automayically?

I would think you would need to re-enter the connection details … but can’t remember.

If it’s working now, why not leave it as is ? … or see if networkmanager is still there if you uninstall wicd :slight_smile:

Thanks Mark.

The only reason is trying to get passwords of the IT dept is murder, whys wheres and whatever…“oh you’ve lost it 'cos you are using Linux” crap. They recently banned me from using my Linux netbook as thay said it was slowing the network down!

Methinks your IT dept is full of idiots that don’t know what they’re talking about :wink:

Me thinks you are right. :wink: