LPIC Exam Tips Please!

Hello everyone!

I am new to Linux and currently preparing to take the LPIC 101 exam come February.
My heart wont stop racing for fear of failure I guess.

I have gone through available materials over the internet but still not satisfied with my
level of preparation, and would appreciate any tips, in the forms of mock exam sites(past questions),
or other materials to help me further prepare for the exam.


Surely it’s all covered here:
and as it seems closely related to CompTIA Linux+ maybe looking online for the CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide (2nd edition) would be a good idea.

Thanks a lot for your support!

I was able to scale through the LPIC101 exam courtesy of your help. I am grateful for your support!

I am also looking to sit for the 102 exam and am currently studying for it. I would appreciate any help in the form of links to

free exam practice questions and mock exams to help me prepare for LPIC102 and am banking on everyone who reads this post.

Thanks in advance for your help.