Hi, can linux be installed on a MacBook, if the MacBook is wiped ?

Which model and year of Macbook ?

Mid 2012 i5, 8GB MacBook Pro

this should work for say Ubuntu 16.04:
(even though it’s aimed at Ubuntu 15.10, the procedure should be the same.

It’d probably be a good idea to create a LiveUSB and check you can boot from it before erasing the Macbook.
(and to have a way of reinstalling OS X if it doesn’t work)

Thank you, I can clone the hard drive, in the event it doesn’t work, a bootable memory stick looks like the way forward, to start though.

Here’s another tutorial that should work with any Ubuntu based distro (Ubuntu/Xubuntu/Mint/Peppermint/Elementary/etc.)

I found that by looking here (and following a link), which specifically mentions a macbook pro 9.2 (mid 2012)

It mentions in the comments that the guy had disconnection problems with wireless disconnecting, but that’s probably easily solved depending on the wireless adapter used … we can figure that out if you’re able to create and boot a LiveUSB.

Looks like you can easily boot any distro that supports UEFI (which is pretty much all of them now) by simply holding the Mac’s “option” key :slight_smile:

If you have any problems creating the LiveUSB, give us a shout.