I know I must have has my head in the sand but I’ve never heard of Mageia. I was reading one of the Linux glossies in Tesco’s and it was recommending it. In fact it said is was better than Mint as Mint only had one person covering it!? Wheras Mageia had a large team. what is it based on? is it any good?

I believe it’s based on Mandriva so no Ubuntu repos

Mageia 3 ::: User Friendly Linux


It’s french … draw your own conclusions :wink:
(awaits the “euro” kick back)

Since when is team size an indicator of quality … look at Windows team size.

In fact I’ve heard it’s quite good, but I can’t say for sure … I’ve only had a quick looksee just after it first appeared.

I quite like it, it’s the nicest KDE implementation I’ve ever played with, that’s for sure. The latest version got a bit panned in the Distrowatch review, but then the supporters came out and panned the reviewer, so who knows! Worth a try - it’s free at least! Support cycle is only 18 months though, with no LTS releases :frowning: AND, I don’t think an in-place upgrade is possible - I think it’s a re-install (so you’ve gotta make sure you partition right at first install)

That said, if I had to use KDE, I’d use Mageia over Mint, Kubuntu, openSUSE, Slackware (!), anything else. But it hasn’t made me want to cut away from Mint Cinnamon.

I quite like it, it's the nicest KDE implementation I've ever played with, that's for sure.

I second that.
As for the in place Distribution upgrade, IT WORKS (or rather did, going from 1 > 2 when last used it) seamlessly.
According to Mageia Release Notes it still works.

Thanks Guys.

Wow, I stand corrected :slight_smile:
Kinda makes the support cycle irrelevant!