MagPI A Dedicated Magazine For Raspberry PI

MagPI is a new dedicated magazine for Raspberry PI will be released monthly for free. This magazine aimed to provide a variety of tutorials, articles, how to setup your Raspberry PI and much more. It has been written by many volunteers with many levels in mind.

This is for when (if) you mange to get one.

Thanks for that SeZo … bookmarked … I’ll get one (or two), just a matter of when, and hoping they don’t go bust beforehand :slight_smile:

I’m already registered on both sites to be told when they’re accepting orders again.


Most of the download links for MagPI Issue 1 final (in PDF format) were broken … but link 4 worked, just in case that one breaks too … If anyone want me to upload it to my dropbox and provide a link, let me know.

You mean like the Aakash:

Heh … yeh like that.

I remember reading about those a while back … didn’t know it had collapsed though :frowning:

I’m not sure the 2 projects are comparable though … demand for the Pi is through the roof … and it has no real world competition from major manufacturers (yet).

It’s also managed to break into the popular imagination more than the Aakash did … so with a bit of luck will keep going :slight_smile:

I’d also guess as a complete device, the Aakash was more reliant on third party suppliers for things like the screen etc. ← pure guess though

I'm not sure the 2 projects are comparable though

They are not directly comparable other than they both were(are) aimed at the education
(also it seems that corruption has brought the Aakash down not lack of orders).

I have a lot of fate in the Raspberry Pi :slight_smile: