Mail server

I am looking to setup mail server for my domain on linux. I would like to have web interface to access to it, but also IMAP and POP.
It would be nice to have also ActiveSync or some WebDav to make synchronization with mobile phones…

Beside Microsoft solution (not suitable for Linux), I have found Nailit solution ( It has (almost) all I need… It looks like enterprise solution, but also has free version available. Also has clients for synchronization on phones, windows…

Has anyone tried this? Any experience?

Can someone maybe suggest something else?

Thank you

Have you considered the Zimbra OSE edition, and Z-Push for syncing

there’s an article about getting Z-Push to work here:


Heh … short and sweet :slight_smile:

Thank you for advice…
I have looked over Zimbra, and it looks somehow complex to administer, while, Nailit has simpler configuration (as it seams)…

Does anyone have experience with Nailit?

I will try to install both of them to check them, but it is better to ask other experience…

Thank you again