make a live dvd for AV Linux (Solved)

Hi Mark,
I have downloaded the iso for AV Linux.
Can I use the instructions in “How to set up Peppermint 5 on an Acer” to create the Live USB stick ?

Try using Unetbootin to create the LiveUSB

Instructions for using Unetbootin are on page 8 and 9 of the AV Linux user guide (pdf)

Thanks Mark,
I have the manual.
I am confused here (easy done)
In Step 1 it says “Insert your USB Key into the USB Port but don’t mount it in the File Manager.”

I then open GParted and when I try Step 2 " Using the drop down dialog in the upper right corner of GParted select your USB Key. MAKE SURE YOU
GParted only shows the hard drive, which I suspect is ok as I have not mounted anything else ?
Could I be missing something ? (apart from a brain ;))

Sorry, for some reason this posting was marked as “read”, but I don’t remember reading it :o

Anyway, are you continuing with this or not ?

Thanks again Mark, I will abandon this project and mark the thread solved