Making use of my VPS

I’m an entry-level techie, working in IT Support, with limited network experience and relatively new to Linux. I got a VPS at a good deal and have been meaning to put it to some use. After a bit of playing around and a lot of rebuilds, I’ve got a reasonable picture of what I’m aiming for but I want to gauge whether I’m moving in direction of a workable and acceptable setup or dooming myself to hours of head bashing into a wall ? Any comments, constructive criticism or guidance welcome.

My VPS has the following specs

80GB SAD Storage
2 x 2.4Ghz CPU
Centos 7 minimal with GUI (can change OS)
1 Fixed IPv4 Address
1 Fixed IPv6 Address

Outline of what I’m working towards:


  • Nagios Core
  • xrdp & tiger-vnc

Guest1 (

  • Web Server (Potentially with a web based control panel) - Unless something easier than I know of is available I’ll be in intending to use LAMP here.

  • Mail Server

  • DNS Server
    Not a strong area for me, assuming it’s going to be easier to ‘split DNS’ and use FQDNs for the machines then have one DNS handling external requests and another internal? Only briefly read up on this, going to have a more of a look at this over the weekend.

I do currently have, let’s call it, registered and & as my primary and secondary NS with my registrar allowing me to set this to my dedicated IP.

1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 10GB of Storage
Always running.


  • Resillo Sync
  • NextCloud
  • Torrenting
  • OpenVPN

1 CPU, 4GB RAM, 40GB of Storage
to run most of the time but actual performance largely to fall in off peak times such as local night time.


  • Minecraft Server
  • Ventrillo
  • IRC

This machine will run when needed as not to be a strong drain on resources


Donating processing power to some projects at period times.

I’m setting up the machines and connecting them to the default network via NAT in Virtual Machine Manager and then changing their IP to static and forward traffic for the relevant ports to that port on the appropriate machine. Is this going to cause me problems?