MakuluLinux 4.0 XFCE Released !

As has been said before, The goal was not to make a lightweight distro, there are hundreds of those floating around that will run on minimal CPU and ram usage … Do we really need another one ? Also keep in mind out the box those distro’s run so well, but moment you start installing stuff the usage on Ram etc etc goes up with every install and end result is the same as a distro with everything pre loaded.

Ubuntu and Mint are prime examples that preloaded software is the way forward in linux, people are getting lazier by the day, hell you can even buy instant releasing toilet paper now… I mean seriously, how lazy can you get, yet it sells by the truckloads … There is a market for everything, So altho you may not like preloaded software, there will be people that do. Ive had mixed feedback, but more than 90% of the responses were positive.

Let me ask you this question : Have you installed and tried makulu ?

I really welcome both positive and negative feedback, nothing is ever perfect, and there is always room for improvement, but i find that almost all negative comments are from people that have not even tried the product, they simply look at screenshots and release notes and then judge away …

Hi sezo.
Some of my friends are trying out linux due to its simplicity and the fact that they are finding Windows 8 frustrating. They are pleased that they have pre installed software, codecs etc. You only have to see the ever increasing Mac stands at PC World to see that people are going over to other operating systems. If we dont provide an easy route then Mac and Chrome will take it. We are not all power Linux users with command line prowess. These distros are for the people.

But not all Linux people want it for the masses…do they!? :wink:

I hear you on that one ::slight_smile: … we get a TON of that with Peppermint, people see the word “cloud” and start saying things like “i’d never use it, you’re stuffed without an internet connection” … that immediately tells me they have no experience with Peppermint >:(
But maybe that’s telling us we need to get the message that Peppermint can also locally install apps too, across stronger.

Maybe it’s telling you (and us) that the screenshots, release notes, and general image need a bit of work … what I’m saying is maybe you can take something away even from comments by people that haven’t tried it.

BTW, not all lightweight distros need to get “heavier” when you start adding applications … ever tried Peppermint :slight_smile:

its actually quite easy to tell from comments who have tried it and who hasnt … if you tried it and dont like it i will take your comments seriously, wither good or bad, if you havnt tried it then how can i take you seriously when you haven’t taken me seriously enough to even put my hard work to test before you give input ? - Contrary to popular belief, it is a two way street :slight_smile:

And btw, the haters are the ones in most cases that become the biggest fans when they stop being stubborn, funny how that normaly works :slight_smile:

OK, you missed my point entirely :wink:

Even people who haven’t tried it are sometimes worth listening to… sometimes they have more to say about where you could improve (particularly about how you “market” your distro) than actual users.

“Why are you dismissing us without trying us ?” is also a valid question, and one that all too often goes unaddressed…

It’d be foolish to dismiss people who comment without trying as “haters” … ask yourself (and them) why :wink:
Granted, most feedback to that question will be worthless, but there may be a few gems that help with how you’re perceived “pre-puchase” as it were.

In fact it’s generally recognised in marketing that “haters” can tell you MORE about how to improve your product than people who already use it … even if it’s only about how your product is perceived, and if you’re getting your message across effectively.

There’s no point in stamping your feet when people aren’t trying your product, yet are commenting (even though it can be annoying) … if they’ve taken the time to dismiss you and comment publicly … thank them for at least taking the time, and ask them why … you never know, they may turn out to have something important to tell you that you’re missing.

ALL feedback should be listened to … not saying it should all be acted on though :wink:

Im sorry, but until you try it, you really cant comment on it. Go try it and then come back and give your input and i promise you i will take you seriously.

here are some comments ive recieved so far on Makulu ( and if you want i can point you to the links ) :

[b]47 • Makulu and Debian-Ubuntu-based distros (by netscarf on 2013-10-29 11:42:21 GMT from United States) I think Debian-based distros are the future, and you will see less new ubuntu-based distros. The trend seems to be Ubuntu-based distros moving to debian as well... {Crunchbang, LMDE, Solydxk, etc}.

I’m not knocking Ubuntu, it’s just going in a direction I’m not going. There seems to be a growing divide in the linux community. Ubuntu Gnome3 people, and the traditionalists.

As for Makulu, I’ve been looking for a Debian-based Xubuntu replacement for awhile. Makulu is really really nice. Smooth running, nice-looking, Great menu… Think I’m gonna stick with this one.[/b]

[b]Just installed Makulu Linux xfce and love the look and feel of it. IMO this is the way xfce should look on a distro.[/b]
[b]First let me say that I'm not new to Linux and have done my share of distro hopping. But I stumbled onto Makulu and decided to give it a spin. This is one of the best debian disto's ever and like I said the first thing that struck me was how much better the xfce desktop looks compared to the other distros. It looks much more stylish and pleasing to use.[/b]
[b]Installed Makulu yesterday on Compaq Presario S4000T w/ P4 processor, Intel graphics, PAE 686. Very much agree that this is a very nice Xfce distro. So far, all works quite nicely. Am impressed that wireless & external USB devices auto-install; none of the usual hassle as expected with 'light' distros. Have had installs of Mint LMDE, Antix, & CrunchBang. So far, Makulu is as good, and in some ways, better. Prefer Debian 'Testing' and rolling updates. Have had other 'testing' distros blow up, self destruct with upgrades. Will be careful with Makulu; am limiting to "aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade" to minimize self-destruct tendencies. Nice job! It's a lovely distro. Thanks for the hard work, and sharing. =GB=[/b]

It goes on and on and on… and then dead smack out of the blue i have 2 or 3 negative comments from people that did not even try it. Let me inform you of a few little secrets you may not have known, the Distro is much more than just eye candy, the drivers work out the box, the driver manager works out the box, You can plug in your android phone and sync without hassles( most of the so called “bloatware” is drivers, i focused alot on add every possible driver into the distro so users can simply plug in and use ), SO MUCH little things i have focused on that most debian distro’s do not, i have personaly been testing this distro for months and months trying to improve it at every possible angle, and this is the reason it runs smooth fast and is easy to use. The software on it is specificly selected because it is everyday software most people use, and even there i didnt stop, i focused on each software and looked at how to improve it, the web browser i installed addblock, a third party download manager, plugins for it, installed a scrolling FB, Gmail, Google+ and Twitter plugins so user doesnt have to physicaly open the pages, implemented youtube ability to download ( this isnt even available from chromium store ) etc etc, trust me, i spent months focusing on little things, i did not simply slap software on and release it.

So i will say once again, Try it, and then come back and comment, you CANNOT look at a few pictures and read the highlights of the release and then judge, and i will not take you seriously if you cannot take my work seriously, im not trying to be funny, but this is ALOT of hard work i have done, the least you can do is test it properly before you rip it apart.

OK, the big chief has spoken (no doubt from his high horse) … now there’s absolutely NO chance of me using or even looking at it … if it’s developer isn’t intent on feedback of ALL kinds, it just proves to me he’s not to be taken seriously.

You’re pushing too hard, and will only alienate people with that chip on your shoulder … you know, the one that say’s “I deserve respect … I put together a distro … you lot are nothing unless you try it” ::slight_smile:


BTW, I’m fully expecting you to keep digging that hole in your next comment … over to you

It certainly sounds like you’ve put a lot of hard work and thought into this distro and it deserves a fair hearing, looking through this thread I don’t see a lot of negative comments other than the proprietary software thing which is not unique to Makulu.

I’ve tried a few different distros in the past and personally find it difficult judging a distro because there’s really not a lot between them, they almost all offer something different but for the most part it’s down to individual taste and what’s good for one individual may not be good for another and it takes a while to familiarize oneself with a distro ( I would say months rather than weeks) because just because something isn’t familiar doesn’t mean it’s bad and likewise just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s good so people should be fully familiar before they pass judgement.

One thing I do judge a distro on which hasn’t been touched on in this thread is support, how many devs are working on and maintaining it, what support/backup can users expect when things go wrong, how quick will bugs get fixed etc, I see you use the term “I” when referring to the work that’'s went into this which might suggest you’re the only one working on it, I’m not saying that’s the case but it could be a concern for potential users if one day you decide you’re bored with this and drop the project and they’re left high and dry.

What interests me with Makulu is that it’s Debian based and I’ve never tried a Debian based distro before so it’s stirred my curiosity the same curiosity that got me using Linux in the first place, at this point it’s caused a problem with my Grub menu so I had to disconnect the drive I have it installed on but when I get time I’ll get back to it and see if I can sort that out then hopefully give some feedback


Well I work with the dev’s from australis Linux, we all hang out in the same channel and work through issues the 2 distro’s have, really friendly bunch of guys, weve been “hanging out” if you could call it that for months now, both distro’s are debian based so together we dot alot of i’s and cross alot of t’s. So altho it is just me working on the distro at this point, at the same time it is not. And when i need to expand the team i will, at this point i can handle everything and im still in the first stages of laying the foundation blocks to make a solid base. Im not going anywhere…

if you fire up makulu and open mumble, it will actually take you straight into the chat channel “open linux community” where the australis guys hang out.

I haven’t ‘just entered the scene’ either. My first distro was Red Hat 6.

Like I said - kudos for effort put in.
But you’ve missed the point about what OpenSource means.

How do you think Ghandi and his followers threw the British out of India? It wasn’t by repeatedly saying “well, they’re here and they’re reality so we just have to work with them”.
It was by saying “no, this is wrong, we want our country back” and then going on to build a campaign of peaceful disobedience.

That’s what is needed today and is what can only be built by people willing to take that stand.

So, congratulations for another polluted distro that misleads people about their freedom and rights. Worse still, you’ve used Debian, which only recently removed all the proprietary blobs from their kernel so a base install is 100% free. This leads people to think that Debian provides all this stuff as default and that it’s OK. Neither is true. So you’ve really thrown a lot of muck into an otherwise clear pool.

I won’t be trying your distro, though I wish you well and hope that you’re prepared to seriously consider what is the best way ahead.

For example - that could entail making the proprietary stuff easily available post install, with some sort of explanation of what it means for security, privacy and freedom. At least that way people can make an informed decision for themselves. It’s quite likely that for many people it will be the first time they’ve ever thought about such things, but by denying them that knowledge or that decision, you’re effectively working for the enslavement of us all.

I thought the linux world was meant to be a friendly bunch of guys sharing ideas, trying out new things and pushing everything to the limits … but it seems it can be a vicious place when a few closed minded individuals who live in the dark ages are not happy with anything that isnt made their way …

The ONLY people that seem so opinionated and are DEAD set against ripping Makulu apart are the ones that havnt tried it, everyone else has delivered good or fair comments, and frankly seeing the attitude that these guys have, i would rather prefer you dont use MakuluLinux at all, i would rather people who would enjoy it use it.

here is a little video that ive gone out of my way to make so you can actualy see makululinux running …

and here is a little video made by a user :

This has to be one of the most uncomfortable threads I have ever read here.

Any chance of a make up? :wink:

lol, i was never upset, just fighting for my right to exist here like everyone else does, even if my distro offends some people.

Love to you all.

But it matters. It matters today. There will be no day when someone appears and says “ok, now it’s for real” because it’s for real here and now. The Corporations prowl about us today, they encroach today, they’re winning today. Warriors are needed today.

And if I’ve offended you, I am sorry, that was not my intention.

Ultimately, truth matters more than feelings and the truth is that this is a battle and the enemy is winning and I can’t help but care.

Sometimes truth is as sand in the vaseline.

Nothing can put me in a bad mood this week, nothing. I have over 6000 downloads in less than a week, Makulu is ranked 6th of the 7 days rankings on distrowatch above some major well known distrobutions ( even getting onto distrowatch in the first place made this release worth it, ive been trying for almost a year to get on ). I just bought my dream car last night, so yea, im flying high right now… :slight_smile:

I’m with toonman on this, it really is negative and uncomfortable to read,

I’ve just downloaded the iso and if I’m up to installing the os, I will give it a go and report back.

there is a load of people out there who are more confident of leaving windows, now they’re used to using android and all the tablets around, so this sort of os looks to me as a good halfway house.

Lets just agree to differ sometimes :wink:


What’s with the over sensitivity ? … he asked for critique … then dismissed it as not worthy of his attention, which is his right.

It’s one thing to ask for feedback, but quite another to state you refuse to listen to people unless they install … that just comes across as aloof at best, threatening at worst.

Incidentally I was fully behind him until that point … he stood behind that position … end of story.

I dont understand, i made my goals clear, my Distro is aimed at lazy people, its easy to use, lightning fast, comes preloaded with everyday software.

Not only did it get ripped apart for those very things, it got ripped apart by people that did not even bother to try it, and i must listen to them ?

I had a Russian guy email me last night, he pointed out some stuff he liked and some he didnt, and he has been running it for days, Him i take seriously, but i refuse to take someone seriously that has never even run it because frankly they have no clue what they are talking about.

At this very moment my distro has almost topped the charts on distrowatch 7 days rankings ( ), leap frogged and climbed all the way to number 4, right behind Mint, debian and Ubuntu. Search google, I found so many sites reviewing it giving it a 5 star rating, everywhere i look i see positive ratings and great comment, and then here of all places this happens … So i ask again, did it atleast not deserve to be tried before it was ripped so badly ? how can the rest of the world love it so much, and then 2 guys on here ( who has never tried it ) give such ugly comments on it and you expect me to take them seriously and somehow im the bad guy ??

I do not think i was out of line, I work on gaming projects as well and i get this kind of behavior from little kids all the time, hence i recognize it so quickly.

Looking back on this thread I don’t think anyone has ripped your Distro apart, the biggest criticism I see has been the proprietary software installed as default which some people (especially on a forum such as this) have strong views about and in some cases may even prevent them from trying your Distro out of principle but surely that doesn’t exclude them from forming an opinion on that aspect of it and that’s really the only criticism I’ve seen other than my own point regarding the installer but that was only an opinion.

I have installed Makula on a second HDD and I’m having some problems which is most probably problems of my own making, but once I sort these things out I will try to give a fair appraisal but I’m just an average PC user so my opinion won’t count for much anyway.

Like Toonman I feel this has become an uncomfortable thread perhaps it would be a good idea to delete it completely and start again I don’t know


So far, the OP has managed only to p*ss me off, and that’s not easy … I was fully behind his project at first, but now anyone that doesn’t do as he asks (and install his distro) is not only dismissed as not worthy of an opinion, but is called a “kid”

I understand not taking criticism on technical merit from people that haven’t tried it makes perfect sense … neither I or anyone else attempted to do that … but to dismiss people who are talking in general terms about Linux or good practice as “kids” is nuts, particularly so as a promotion technique

I’m not removing this topic … I think people should see that, and draw their own conclusions

If you want it removed … ask MP.

7 day Distrowatch rankings mean nothing … any new distro goes flying up, as does every new release of of established distro’s … think about it.