Mark Shuttlesworth interview at UDS.

Here’s a 20 minute interview with Mark Shuttlesworth, the millionaire backing Ubuntu. He talks about the goals / visions for 12.04 and he also gives us his visions for 14.04 being multi-platform. i.e. On Smartphones, Tablets, etc.

What’s your thoughts?

First thought (without even having watched it yet) … is how colour coordinated he is in the opening shot :wink:

Either that, or he’s a Minnesota Vikings fan.

Hahaha, Orange and purple. Classic Ubuntu colours XD

not gonna lie most of it went over my head, juju sounds good … he has a very lovely voice =)

Some of it went over my head too, but I made out most of it. Ju-ju, I think that’s something I’d name an animal, rather than a person.

i wasn’t calling him juju ><
this is what i mean

Mmm, not watched it, but maybe if they could make the stuff they have work before streaming into the next century leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, would be my preference.

11.10 - they’ve broken networking for anyone who uses aliases, and there’s no fix.

So, there will be thousands of poor sod’s out there updating their servers (aliases will be used heavily in servers) to find that after the upgrade their networking is f****d , there’s no downgrade path and no fix.

B****y wonderful.

I’ve just discovered this on the bench, got a box to install tomorrow and have the choice of re-installing with 11.04 and losing a day’s work or patching the ifupdown package to fix what some idiot failed to test properly before releasing. Arhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr!

Reported 3 weeks ago, absolutely critical and not fixed !!!

Hmm … Not clever :o

Can you think of any particular reason for the switch from ifconfig to iproute2 ?

Bit of an oversight (being kind there) specially by the server edition team … I take it ifupdown still doesn’t work even if the aliases are added with the “label” parameter ?


Ignore that, I didn’t read the bug report properly … obviously it doesn’t work, even with the “label” parameter :o

If I’m understanding this properly, the problem lies in the fact that ifupdown does “understand” the new “label” format. ?

How did they miss that ::slight_smile:

Mmm, as far as I can see they (and I don’t mean Ubuntu specifically) changed the way a core networking component worked without a decent set of checks being run. Then however, Ubuntu apparently rolled the update into 11.10, also without running any sort of sanity checks. And when I say “any”, picking up on aliases not working is pretty basic … roll a beta out to anyone running a server or any sort of commercial web hosting and he would’ve been screaming at then very quickly … one would have thought (!)

My main issue here is that is was reported over three weeks ago and there’s still no fix (!)

And another thing (!) now they’ve decided to go 3.x , it would be nice to keep up with fixes … their kernel is now a long way behind the curve in terms of critical fixes … at the moment I have an issue with an 11.10 system not rebooting, it goes into an infinite loop while trying to close down a bridge interface. Looks like it’s fixed in 3.1 so I’m compiling from source atm … but hell, they’re working on 3.2, yet Ubuntu are on 3.0.0 … given 3.0 was always going to be a little unstable, if they’re going to hop off a stable 2.x series they could do with moving a little quicker!

Have to agreed with MP, Canonical are moving pretty slow. They’re not releasing Ubuntu for Tablet/Smartphones until another 2 years or more? By then we’ll all be on those sci-fi phones that have a touch-hologram.

Spent today remote downgrading the machine I put in thursday from 11.10 to 11.04 … I was daft enough to think the issue with aliases was the only issue … bleedin waste of time!

I know Ubuntu mean well, and I know they have a lot of good intentions and money, and I know Ubuntu is one of the better distro’s out there (albeit most of this comes from Debian!) , but sometimes they really do behave like a bunch of amateurs.

“Let’s get a release out every six months because it’s fashionable, don’t worry if it screws up users machines because everyone like a challenge …”

Whatever happened to “betas” and “only try this at home and not in the office” releases???

And incidentally, over the last week I’ve switched all my desktops to Gnome Shell, after trying it for the first time.
Why on earth are Ubuntu screwing around with Unity?
Anyone tried both and prefer pUnity?

I like Unity, but it just has too many bugs, too many holes. They shouldn’t have put it in, without it being somewhat stable and less holy… But when I tested Oneiric in a VM with Gnome-Shell, I instantly fell in love.

Erm … not me, that’s for sure … I have noticed Unity is happier on machines with less RAM … but hey add more RAM, Gnome Shell is MUCH better.and easily worth the outlay.

Shell seems to run fine on 8G … ;D

Show off :wink:

I’ve noticed Gnome shell in 11.10 is not a happy bunny in less than 2GB and pretty much refuses to work … I suppose it may have been something other than RAM but I’ve put it on 4 boxes so far, the 2 with >2GB it ran as sweet as a nut, the 2 with <2GB (1GB box and 1.5GB box) there was a 10 to 20 second delay between clicking anything and something actually happening … whereas Unity worked perfectly.

Now IF it is down to RAM, that’s a massive leap in system requirements, and not something that Linux has historically been known for … OK, I understand that 2GB isn’t considered much these days, but even Windows Vista/Win7 will run smoother than that in 1GB.

That said, at least in the Linux world there are other options :slight_smile:


I might try pulling some RAM from my box later and see what happens.