Hi all, i recently made the switch back to Ubuntu 11.04 on my new laptop. Its a HP pavilion G6, AMD Phenom™ II N660 Dual-Core Processor, M880G [Mobility Radeon HD 4200] graphics card. Now, last time I used Ubuntu on a laptpo it was fantastic, no major issues, though i think it was an earlier version.

Basically, since the switch i’ve come across various issues, the mouse goes mental, as in either randomly moves all over or just locks up completely, no way of unlocking it other than ctrl Alt + delete then restart. On top of this my screen just keeps blacking out, cant use ctrl Alt + del or REISUB or anything I HAVE to manually shut it down then restart. Not great for my laptop in the long run. Another issues is really high CPU temps, talking 78 degrees… though this was solved for a little while with Marks help the temps are now pretty much always that high.

Another thing i’ve found is when im typing, either on forums or for work, it will randomly paste something i recognise as having read on a webpage at some point in the past hour…not things i’ve copied just random snippets of things i have been reading. It’s all seeming fairly crazy to me!
So last night my screen locked out again btu this time it wasnt just black there where lines running down it as seen here.!/IMG_0042[1] never seen this before hoping someone else has?

ok so i had to manually shut it off, then boot it up again, get to the log in screen, log in, have a desktop for about 4 seconds and then!/IMG_0046[1]!/IMG_0045[1]
this happens!!! Anyone have any idea whats going on? a friend said it looks like a problem with the graphics card!!! basically any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated =)

also sorry for the links!

EDIT : also, the software centre has gone tits!/Screenshot-Ubuntu%20Software%20Centre.png =( it’s all gone pete tong!

Sounds like you are mostly having driver issues. Checkout the manufacturer website of your laptop and its graphics card and see if they provide linux drivers. When you find them, make sure to use a non linux compliant USB card reader to transfer the drivers onto the laptop.


78 degrees and you wonder why you’re having problems - turn it off now while you have some CPU left!
If you run it over 70, you’re asking for trouble.
If you hit more than 60 for more than a few seconds at a time, you should look at your hardware.
Normal operating temp for a desktop Phenom II @ 3.2G is between 35 degrees and 55 degrees.
(and I’m speaking as someone with around 20 Phenom II systems in various locations as servers and workstations)

Until you can get the temp down, don’t even think about trying to fix your installation and to be honest, depending on how long you’ve been running at that temp, you may well now need a new chip.

Kt, listen to MP…

MP… you just made me go check my CPU temp lol, but I’m ok. Core 0 is at +37.0C. Core 1 is at +39.0C.
Although I have no idea what acpitz-virtual-0 is. LM-SENSORS reports that it’s a virtual device, whatever the hell that may be. Weird… My hardrive is running at 41C and my graphics card is at 52C (which is kinda worrying…).

BkS it’s off =)

BkS :: Your graphics card is probably normal … you’ll hear people saying all sorts of things about hard drive temp, indeed people will tell you that 40-55 degrees is Ok. I have a bunch of hard drives in box here that say otherwise … personally I worry if I see the temp going much above 30 degrees … all my servers run at sub-25 …