Microsoft clutches open source to its corporate heart

Open source has moved into Microsoft's beating corporate heart. Redmond's new open source group reports to the company number two, chief operating officer and aggressive compete-to-win-type Kevin Turner.

James Utzschneider has been named Microsoft’s general manager of open source, a role that will see him and a team of 80 individuals lobby governments, Microsoft’s army of systems integrators, and everyone else on how the company is working to make Windows inter-operate with Linux and open source.

It will be interesting to say the least to see how this pans out, but I’m having difficulty believing Microsofts view of Open Source has changed, and I think they’ll have a long way to go to convince ‘most’ people.

It’s hard to see how the M$ corporate way of doing things CAN be reconciled with Open Source… this would take a major seed change in M$ thinking which I’m not seeing, with their annual 10-K form listing a lot of open source projects as competitors, and considering past behavior, I’m having difficulty seeing this as anything other than an ‘attack from the inside’.

Hopefully I’m wrong… Maybe M$ has decided (finally) that closed source/proprietary is dead/dying, so they had better join the bandwagon.

Who knows, we might even see an M$Linux distro :wink:

Article on Microsofts annual Form 10-K filing with the Security and Exchange commission: