Microsoft dropping Messenger for Skype .. does that mean better compatibility ?

I’ve been getting emails from Microsoft (and it’s all over the interweb) that they are dropping Messenger in favour of Skype (actually their emails mention it’s being integrated into Skype).

Does this mean that Linux users will now be in a better position to video chat/conference with their Windows/OS X using friends ?
(even if it is with an M$ owned Skype)

Is another historical Linux barrier being knocked down … thanks to Microsoft ?
(not by a Linux Messenger clone, but by Microsoft moving its user base to something that has a Linux version … which is effectively the same thing as Microsoft doing a Linux Messenger)

If so, thanks Microsoft … even if it is an unintended consequence :wink:

Or do you think they’ll limit the Linux client somehow ?
(or as I don’t really use Skype … is the Linux Skype client already limited in some fashion ?)


hope it doesn’t mean skype’s becomes as messed up as the rest of the m$ offerings