Microsoft office file

New in linux world,

I use frequently word, excel and power point 2010

May I use those program under ubuntu.
May I transfer those program under ubuntu without paying another subscription?

You can run MS-Office under Linux via Wine, but I do not see any reason to do so: OpenOffice is absolutely in par with MS-Office and you are able to read and write all MS-Office-Formats (there are some difficulties with complex table layouts and alike, but there is nothing which really should cause any real problems).

For an absolute answer on licensing you may need to read the fine print that came with your specific version of M$ Office, as there are a number of versions with different applicable licenses. From memory, the OEM version of Office (what you probably had if you bought a machine with office pre-installed) then the license is tied to the hardware … so if you are installing Linux instead of Windows, you might be Ok on that score.

I think at one point the fine print had something in there about being able to run the software on a Windows OS only, although I’m not sure if that’s still the case or whether the limitation would ‘stand up’. (Although the Hackintosh case seems to imply it might …)

Only safe solution if you’re worried about licensing (I know I am!) , don’t use M$ software - period.

See; , click on the “Server” tab and read the articles behind the orange buttons …

From what I can discover…

First I can find nothing online to say that anyone has managed to install M$ Office 2010 in WINE or Crossover yet, so I didn’t bother checking licensing issues, but this

Q: Will systems running Wine pass WGA validation?

A: Wine is an implementation of the Windows 3.x and Win32 APIs on top of X and Unix. When WGA validation detects Wine running on the system, it will notify users that they are running non-genuine Windows, and it will not allow genuine Windows downloads for that system. Users of Wine should consult the Wine community for Wine updates. It is important to note that Wine users, and other users of non-genuine Windows, can continue to download updates for most Microsoft applications from Microsoft application-specific sites, such as Office Update.

found here at M$ seems to say it’s OK.

So (at least for now) your left with running Windows and Office in a VM, which AFAIK M$ now says it’s OK to run an instance of windows in a VM but every virtual CPU core constitutes one “device” as far as licensing is concerned.
So considering the M$ Office EULA says nothing about OS’s or VM’s but mentions “devices”, and that at least for Windows a single core VM is considered a “device”, you should be able to legally install to a single core VM as long as you hold licenses for both Windows and Office.

BUT it must be said that I’m no lawyer, and although recently M$ attempted to clear up licensing issues as far as VM’s are concerned they still seem to be leaving this as a “grey area”, and open to interpretation.

M$ EULA(s) for most products can be found here:

My advice… same as MP and shtromm… switch to OpenOffice

ok thanks,
wine installed but when going to wine program, shows only notepad under accesories.
Where are office programs?

Read above… M$ Office 2010 won’t install under WINE at the moment.
Office 2007 will install, but nobody has managed to get past the Key acceptance in Office 2010 yet.

If you MUST have a go:
first configure WINE


Then find the setup.exe file for Office 2010, right-click it, and select “Open with WINE”… but it won’t work.

First you’ll get an “ERROR_LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED” message.
using winetricks to install MSXML6 will get you past that, but it will error later with “Error: Xml Signature verification failed for setup metadata Type: 45::InvalidMetadataFile.”… running winecfg and adding a new override for library msxml6 on the libraries tab will get it to run the installer, but it will then ask for a product key, and even though you enter one, office won’t “See” it… AFAIK nobody has got past this yet.

See here:


ok thanks
will wait
and work on office org