Microsoft Tweaks Logo

Microsoft’s new logo drops windows, or is it not?. :-\

While the new logo uses the same colors and the same basic "window" look that has been a part of the company for two and a half decades, what is notable is that it conveys more of the same but in a new way. Who needs Windows anyway. ;D

LOL… it looks crap, wonder how much money was spent redesigning it, was probably rolled out to primary schools in America for them to ‘design’ a logo and they chose the ‘best’ It’s almost laughable. As you say - Who needs Window$ anyway…

I’ll bet they spent upwards of 5 million in consultation fees, meetings, and planning … and ended up with

Wait for it …

Drum roll …

Ta-da …


They ironed the flag!

They ironed the flag!

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Priceless. Haha.

I propose a new Linux logo…

Oh no, I’ve ironed Tux!!

Lol, at least tux will bite you. Windows can’t do anything.

Ouch … poor Tux :o

Good one.
I wonder if they (MS) will rename (after much consultation and parting with a pile of cash) the Metro interface to Notro (i.e. Not Metro)?

Someone on another website pointed out that with Metros use of muti-coloured tiles, maybe Microsoft should rename it “Rectangular Spectrum”, which could be shortened to Rectum.

Another option might be to rename it “Coloured Rectangle Accessibility Point” … and use it’s acronym.

Fitting ;D

Haha that is fitting! Especially since that’s where they !?*@ you!!

Have to give them credit, they do it pretty well.

There is something inherently human (contrariness) on display here.
Back when Win3.1/95 were in use, people fell over themselves to make icons look as 3d as possible, despite the limitations of the hardware. Now the hardware is capable of gorgeous, animated 32 bit colour UI’s, what do they do? Go back to 16 bit looking graphics.

Heh … didn’t flares make a comeback a while ago too