Midi files

Hey guys I clicked on these two files but they don’t play on any of my music players. Which ones do I need? Thanks.
Scroll to bottom- 2 works by Minona.



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OK, if you want to know why normal media players can’t play back midi files … read this:

as you’ll discover midi files don’t contain any audio data … they are files for digitally controlling musical instruments.

Windows has a built in general purpose synthesizer that allows their media player to BADLY play back midi files … Linux does not (by default)

Probably the best way to play midi files would be to install fluidsynth:

sudo apt-get install fluidsynth

(be aware that’s quite big 115mb as it includes the soundfonts)

Then fire up Qsynth (that should have been installed as a dependency) … in Qsynth, go to Setup > Audio (tab) and change

Audio driver: pulseaudio

then select the Soundfonts (tab) … and click the Open button … then select the fluidR3_GM.sf2 soundfont then click the Open button.

Now close the Qsynth setup window by clicking OK … and close Qsynth.

Now right-click your midi file, and select Qsynth to open it.

An easier method seems to be to install vlc-plugins-fluidsynth:

sudo apt-get install vlc-plugins-fluidsynth

(be aware this will also install the fluid-soundfont-gm package, which is about 115mb as it contains the necessary soundfonts for MIDI playback)

Then VLC should be able to play midi files :wink:

Thanks for looking Mark.I am not au fait with mbs - is this file very large? I am unsure how much space I have on my hard disk.

Hi Melissa

Type in the terminal

df -h

and that will tell you, if you’re not sure what the output is telling you post the output here


Thanks Graeme:

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1 37G 7.6G 27G 23% /
udev 336M 4.0K 336M 1% /dev
tmpfs 138M 800K 137M 1% /run
none 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
none 343M 268K 343M 1% /run/shm
/dev/sdb1 150G 7.0G 143G 5% /media/MAXTOR
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

By the way this laptop is shutting itself off again! I really must get some RAM soon as I have a job again- unemployed right now. My Mac geek bro would probably know how to put the RAM in.

Ok Melissa you have 27gb free, the file Mark suggested is 115mb so you have plenty space

Good luck


Great thanks Graeme and Mark!

It didn’t work guys. :cry:

melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $ sudo apt-get install vlc-plugins-fluidsynth
[sudo] password for melissa:
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package vlc-plugins-fluidsynth
melissa@melissa-HP-Compaq-nx6325-RH628ES-ABU ~ $

My mistake … there’s no “s” in plugins


sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-fluidsynth

Yeah done that and the midi still won’t play- must be something wrong with it at source.

I take it you’re opening it in VLC ?

It won’t allow me to open it in VLC only Gnome M player- no way to open it in anything else even when right clicking and choosing.

I take it you have VLC installed ?

dpkg -l | grep vlc

If so, right-click the midi file, and select “Open With…”

in the resulting box, clcik the little arrow next to “Sound & Video” … then highlight “VLC media player” … put a tick in the little box “Set selected application as default action of this type of file” … click “OK”.

midi files should now open in VLC by default.