Minecraft ...

Anyone tried this ?

Yup. I even run my own multiplayer server :smiley:
PM me if you want the address

Mmm, I got one too!



So what are the main differences between Minecraft and Cube 2 (Sauerbraten) ?

They’re different games!

AFAIK they’re not really comparable …

Hi there been lurking and signed up to to add my 2 p’s worth on minecraft, Its a great game that runs on all platforms as its a java based game there are many mods and texture packs to change the look and feel and also a fair few server wrappers to help manage users and plugins.

There is a even a whole minecraft OS based on tinycore linux http://minecraft.codeemo.com/
Im a total linux newby but i watched the video the guy did and had a great lag free server up in under an hour :slight_smile: I know this sounds like im shilling for them but I just really do love what he’s done.
I have family and friends playing on a old P4 1.8ghz 1 gig ram machine intel graphics and no monitor after setup as there is a admin web ui and even a snapshot image web page where players can see how the worlds looking.
If anyone thinking of running a server gives this a go.


There are numerous guides out there to setting up a minecraft server, dozens of linux (and windows) scripts to automate this task, and to the best of my knowledge, nothing that combines these together in an idiot-proof quick-start setup, managing memory use, mod/plugin interfaces, and server moderation.


This is a Linux distribution forking off the tinycorelinux.com project ‘microcore’, aimed at creating the smallest possible minecraft server retaining all minecraft customizability and functionality while increasing usability.

How does this improve existing minecraft guides, setups & scripts?

This distribution provides everything necessary for hosting Minecraft:

Web-based server admin page
Improved, incremental world backups
Single-click updating of server files/bukkit mod
c10t mapping at the touch of a button
Safer, more secure implementation/OS
And it’s straight up-faster.

Yup, we’re hosting two minecraft servers now … runs fine on Linux :slight_smile: