Mint 12 Lisa released

Linux Mint 12 (codename: Lisa) was released today (26/11/11) … I’m downloading it now to try in a VM, and I’ll post what I find after a good test drive :slight_smile:

Based on Ubuntu 11.10, I gather it’s built around the Gnome 3 (shell) desktop with Mints own extensions … but can also use MATE, a fork of the Gnome 2.x desktop … more about how well it appears to work soon.

Linux Mint Homepage:

Linux Mint 12 Download:

I was running LMDE happily on my main machine when a recent update brought all the Gnome 3 goodness.
On next reboot I was greeted by a Gnome 3 Shell desktop. Needless to say that it did not last long
as I switched to the XFCE version.

I am looking forward to your update as I am curious to see how this compromise will work out.

OK … initial thoughts/observations…

It took 2hour 2 minutes to install in a Virtualbox VM … not a good start, but I thought what the heck and tried again in VMware, that took 30 mins exactly … so it was an issue with Vbox rather than Mint 12.

The LiveDVD boots to gnome-session-fallback (Gnome 3 shell acting like Gnome 2.x) with no sign of MATE or the full Gnome 3 shell … which was a bit of a disappointment, but I suppose to be expected.

After installing to a Vbox VM and enabling 3D acceleration you get the FULL thing … VMware flatly refuses to allow the full Gnome 3 shell, but gnome-session-fallback and MATE work.

Gnome 3 shell (with Mint extensions) -
Standard Mint fare … Green copy of Ubuntu (running Gnome 3 shell), but with all the “extras” pre installed (libdvdcss, GIMP, VLC, Sun JAVA 6, etc.), and with an extra panel at the bottom.
Now I’m a fan of the Gnome 3 shell, but I must say I prefer the standard “looks” to the Mint implementation, though there are some nice touches (appearance wise), their default icon set is very nice wallpaper selection is good, yet Mints grey/green is looking decidedly old … as previously stated it comes with a lot of things pre-installed that Ubuntu doesn’t … heh, Gnome shell for a start … but also a few of the customisation tools such as Gnome Tweak and a lot of shell extensions.

Gnome 3 shell in Mint will be easier for beginners, but even with all the extra work to get it “just right” I prefer it in Ubuntu.

gnome-session-fallback (aka Gnome “classic”) -
Other than the colour scheme (theme), so far I can’t spot a difference between it’s implementation in Mint or Ubuntu … other than you have to manually install it in Ubuntu … just Gnome 3 acting like Gnome 2.x, and “nearly” pulling it off.

And in the best “saving the best till last” fashion …

From the little I’ve seen so far, this is exactly as expected … Gnome 2.x in Mint form, ie. single bottom panel, slab menu, etc. … BUT … It’s quick, too quick, quicker than it should be, amazingly quick, MUCH quicker than I remember Gnome 2.x being … did I mention it’s quick.

Up until I tried MATE, I though “Nah, Ubuntu’s better … though more work initially” … but this has got me interested, VERY interested :slight_smile:

I’m now torn between MATE speed, and Gnome 3 shell interface … but Mint allows you to choose between them at logon … I can see a LOT of Ubuntu users switching for the MATE option … it’s the ONLY thing that really distinguishes it from Ubuntu (unless you’re a Unity fan).

Oh nearly forgot to mention … I’ve never liked Mint’s “Update Manager”, and the daft way it splits Updates into categories of stuff it considers “safe” etc. and doesn’t (by default even display the other stuff) … historically it considered things like kernel updates as “unsafe” ::slight_smile: … though it is still there, I haven’t had a chance to see how it behaves now so I’ll refrain from slagging it off yet :wink:

More to follow … such as any problems I might find with MATE compatibility with newer Gnome 3 apps , a full listing of pre-installed apps and how they compare to Ubuntu’s selection, how awkward it is to use Ubuntu PPA’s and how these may affect MATE, etc.

I’m also considering putting it on an external drive (rather than VM) to get a better feel for it … and to make sure it’s not something in the VM (or my imagination) that’s making MATE appear so damn fast.

Any more news on MATE?
Interesting new development at Mint: Cinnamon Another DE option for Mint 12 - Cinnamon - Linux Mint Forums
It looks like they have forked the shell of Gnome 3 to give a Gnome 2 appearance.
Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

I still can’t say I’ve used MATE enough to say it’s 100% compatible … but neither have I spotted any problems with it yet.

Cinnamon sounds interesting, and may (in the end) be a better way forward than MATE … sounds a bit odd when used in the same sentence as Mint though … :slight_smile:

Mark, I can see what you mean however as it is a festive season
it might be worth trying the Mint and Cinnamon cake…